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  1. I've enjoyed reading about his adventure but was worried about his abrupt course change south of Banks peninsula. It quite different reading a sailing story happening in real time. What I'm curious about is how his electrics will last. He seems to have a lot of electronics and an auto pilot. I think he has a wind generator but in my limited experience they can be a pain in strong winds. He can't run his motor to charge his batteries, so will they last for another week plus?
  2. Make sure you have a well fitting net to close off the cabin and keep the sandflies out! I spend 15 to 20 days a year on Manapouri, it's a beautiful lake with plenty of sheltered spots but can cut up rough. The public ramp is quite steep and there is not much room to rig and park. The boat club ramp further down the river is better but quite expensive for casual use at, I think, $25 to launch and $10 per day to park.
  3. Back in the 80's it was 5knots within 30m (100 ft). In West Australia it's 8 it's within 15m. I guess because the Swan can be crowded.
  4. Normal rules say not more than 5knots within 50m of another craft. There is an exemption if BOTH boats are racing. One of my friends has given up racing after an experienced sailer left the dip late and a gust hit, crew didn't ease and T boned the boat. Friend nearly lost the boat and still pissed that he lost a summer's sailing.
  5. I'm not superstitious but I would not name a boat Kotuku after what happened to a boat of that name heading back to Bluff.http://i.stuff.co.nz/southland-times/news/372337/Two-large-waves-claim-Kotuku
  6. Was that Waiora? If so I sailed on her in Tonga and was impressed with how well it sailed to windward on just the head sail. Tacked through 90 degrees (by compass) and kept up with a German boat motoring to windward.
  7. I recently fitted brakes to my 25ft trailer yacht. I had been towing it around for 15 years with no problems and the cost and the maintenance troubles with brakes had put me off. It is 140km to where I usually sail on Manapouri and Te Anau and the trip has recently got more dangerous with the increase it the foreign self drive tourists. After a recent experience where I nearly tee boned a tourist that had not given way I bit the bullet. It cost me 3 grand but because of my old ball rims I had to replace both axials and 5 rims. We have windy gusty conditions on the lakes which I understand is
  8. Brad, When you ask ' has much changed' I hope you are not suggesting that Waymouth's great great grand children are also bad loosers! There is an interesting account in the 15 December 1870 edition of the rematch in which the bet was doubled. The race was won by Waymouth 3 hrs 12 min, 2 1/2 minutes ahead of Clare. John Waymouth senior did seem to take it seriously. He once stamped on a cup he had won in protest that it was silver plated and not solid silver!
  9. There used to be a manual put out by the now defunct monarch owners association. Mine went with the boat when I sold it 15 years ago and I did not keep a copy. I would suggest you contact Alex Bruce the technical officer for the NZ Trailer Yacht association. He is a very competitive Noelex 22 sailor and I am sure could help with general Trailer Yacht hints but also because he is Dunedin based he may have contacts from the former Monarch Owners association which was based in Dunedin. karen.alex@xtra.co.nz
  10. A lot of designs and a lot of trailer yachts. The trouble is most of them are sitting around the place not being used. I heard that about 30 years ago some sewing machine salesman was having trouble selling new sewing machines. People weren't buying them because their old ones were still OK. He came up with the idea which is common now of offering a trade in on their old machine even though he had no use for them. I think he shipped them to the Pacific Islands. This made the way for selling a lot more new machines (which were crap and did not last). May be we should be doing this with
  11. If you want an idea on the relative speeds of different trailer yachts look at the NZ Trailer Yacht web site ratings page. http://www.traileryachts.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/nztya_rating_current_from_july_20091.pdf
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