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gopro hero new forsale

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A FYI that is sort of related.


I got a GoPro Hero4, all good. But as I was told the battery life isn't that flash. A mornings bike ride grabbing bits and piece here n there does pretty much nail it. So I thought I'd get a spare 2 or 3. Hello, 50 notes a piece for GoPro batteries, you can stick that up your GP ecosystem.


So I sussed Aliexpress and found 4 batteries plus a double USB charger for US$23 delivered to my desk. The batteries were 1400mA, the GP said 1600mA but I thought they will do, I'll have 4 so 3 a day, I can live with that so I shopped.


Now after using the batteries for a LOT of enduro time I have relegated the Go Pro branded battery to the dark recess's of 'if I have no option'.


The no name WhoFlungDung (they are branded 'Probty') batteries easily out last the GP branded one. Not by a little but by a LOT, it is significant. Quite franky they make the GP battery look like a utter piece of sh*t.


On the GP itself, took a bit to get to grips with it's excessive amount of options and so on, a lot due to them talking in 'experienced' not dumbase, but it does OK and the last trip proved they are hell grunty, when in their waterproof case thing. Mine got ripped off my helmet when I didn't see a low slung wire (lucky not that low it was at neck level), handled a direct hit when I went over a bank and the handlebars landing on it and my face, along with the usual abuse and lower level oppsies. So it'll do and do for quite a while now I have a good battery load and it's shown me how tuff it is.

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