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  1. can you email me for photos southern.fencing.nz@gmail.com open to offers. was hoping 400$
  2. can you email me southern.fencing.nz@gmail.com
  3. email for photos perfect order. dunedin made located dunedin looking for offers around $300 no oars but may throw in a 2 hp outboard. seagull
  4. 500 wide 380 front to back 480 up down.
  5. mint condition mariner duchess 4 hob and oven forsale. great condition. message for phots
  6. bloody awsome advice all. apart from pricilla this is a serious blog no silliness. ????????????
  7. hey ppl. its a large rocna anchor with half circle bar one side so potential to hook with grapnel 1700 to replace
  8. gidday folks, ive had the misfortune of having a large steel anchore part ways with the chain right at bow roller. shackle bolt snapped!! i watched her drop into about ten meters of murky water in bay of islands. dived on air three times to no avail as zero visability. i have about a 50 m circumferance area where it is. any ideas on how. im thinking grapple? sharks in area and no viz means diving out. soft mud bottom. would a good fish finder pick it up?? thanks in advance
  9. anyone in bay of islands after 27/12/18. looking for a day out im looking for someone to crew a 50 ft keeler.... pretty relaxed cheers
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