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  1. Was it just the one red light? Colregs has 2 reds vertically for Not under Command/restricted in ability to manoeuvre, but still specifically calls for an all round white for anchoring. I think aircraft warning is single red - maybe flashing? FWIW, all the SY rigs that roll out of Southerns have both the 2reds (2 on each side, just down from the top) AND the all round white. Tri-colour is sometimes on the spreader for the p/s lights, with the white off the stern. Vast majority are LOPO LED, or similar, and they don't go on the wand, that'd be hard to change!
  2. They measure the wind over the 9th and 4th minutes before the start to decide if they will start. They abandoned 2 races I think when the wind wheeled more 90° off course. Might have been less though. Will they abandon if the gust go over the limit..... someone should look it up. I bet it's been covered in the SA forum....
  3. We're on tanks up in the Waitaks. We have 2x 25,000l tanks. I think we've got ~14,000 left, so just under a third. Being on the hill means we tend to catch precipitation first, so we managed to catch all and more of that 6.6mm we had in January. Having said that, we're beginning to conserve water, although at 400l/day we've got 35 days. We're 2 adults, 7yo and 5yo, so maybe more like 600l/day = 23days. I ain't sharing with my neighbours though.....
  4. https://www.recon.nz/?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=Organic&utm_campaign=GMB is a mate of mine, not sure what he can cert, but should be able to fly over your property and give you a digital package. JK
  5. It spent all its life under my ownership in the shed! Looks really really good Phil, nice job, espcially glad to hear she's a weapon. JK
  6. hello, how new is new? Have you used it? Reason for selling? (Is it rubbish, or just not what you were after) Does it come with any spare batteries? Photos if you've got some. JK
  7. We're up on the Waitaks, top of Henderson Valley, haven't seen a vector vehicle yet, which is totally understandable. Last night on the radio 192 lines down, and 75 teams working. Logistics and comms will be working pretty hard!! The app says we'll be back on tomorrow at midday, but I can seem them pushing that out further. Thankfully we have gas hobs & a wood burner, the only downside is going down the garden to the tanks to fill up water bottles. Neighbours are full electric, have a feeling they'll be hanging out with us for some heat tonight!! JK
  8. I worked on the Rigs near the beginning of my career, and was lucky enough to go out for a yacht end of last year. Amazing piece of kit. The crew love it because there's proper sailing to be had with lines everywhere, none of this furling main business. And the right shade of green in my opinion. JK
  9. Oke bay if you can. Long beach on the back of Russell. We stopped one night at Kiekie Cove, pretty tight, and needs to be right conditions, bush towering above you, and the vis was good enough to see starfish on the sea bed.
  10. Just in case..... Drop Southerns a line, we do PPE good, and Pre-preg which is a little less itchy.
  11. You need to sand it back to composite that you are bonding too. The peel ply makes the sanding a little easier. At least when I don't spec it on a job, that's what the tradies tell me.
  12. Still a good photo, check the outboard ends on the Rambler, other end of the spectrum, fully continuous Carbon C6 rigging. 3rd of the weight, 3.5 times the price!!!
  13. If anyone gets a little close to the Mirabella V, have a look at those stay terminations! Link plates the size of torso's!
  14. Holes just below deck collar can be pretty bad news if your working the mast hard. Mast designers review these quite rigorously. JK
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