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Reasonable price for Dodger, or diy?

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Thanks for the thoughts. Crazyhorse I honestly thought you were taking the mick suggesting epoxying directly on top of canvas...and I like vorpal blade's idea to build the frame out of foam. I might make a hard dodger from scratch though, glassed ply. Easy enough to do, and make it look REALLY bad, though. Very difficult, I imagine, to get something I'd actually be proud of...(even more so, with canvas, I'm sure).

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Plastic windscreens will last...3 years? At most? A decent sea will explode those? Decided to fire up the laptop and find a few pics. This is how ours went. 2011 we made it, still going strong.

By all means have a go yourself, the Sailrite kits and their vids etc can make it look easy. Their "instructional" videos are done with guys that have been doing it for years and tend to make quite di

How much for the Dodger, chariot?

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Looked like the normal clear film plastic used in most canvas spray dodgers. ("Glass-like clarity in both a polycarbonate and impact resistant acrylic substrate "). Polycarb I was told is not that UV resistant? That from "everything acrylic" in Drury who said go a special UV resistant perspex. Only issue is its prone to scratching.

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