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  1. Thanks. Mitchells looks perfect, if I can ever get to silverdale, mon-fri!
  2. Hi all....anyone know where I can get teak detailing strips like these? They're only 3-4mm thick, and I only need approximately 3m of them, so cant do a big order.... Thanks
  3. Yep. And I didnt like what they said!
  4. Both in gold and black, size XL, Brand new, still with tags attached. These are (goretex paid-for, bought from Musto Australia) replacements of my old oilies, which delaminated, but were covered by goretex's lifetime guarantee, evidently...I've got all the emailed correspondence I had with musto/goretex about the issue, to prove. Unfortunately I need to raise funds for fixing my boat, without which, this wet weather gear is a bit pointless, so they need to go... Total cost from marine deals would be $3200: https://www.marine-deals.co.nz/offshore-jackets/musto-hpx-gtx-ocean-
  5. Oh, and for more others' interest, these guys DO do swaged terminals, but they havent confirmed with me yet whether they use chinese steel.... http://www.clamp-products.co.nz/products/1x19/1x19-3mm-wire-rope-aisi-316 Still looking for more suppliers of 1x19 by the meter (swage terminals, or not), if anyone knows any?
  6. No, I don't think so. But just out of interest, what makes you say this? I dont know what I dont know, so mebbe I'm underthinking this job...
  7. Ok for others' reference: Anzor have got back to me and confirmed their wire is from a "korean manufacturer, based in vietnam". They dont do swageing though...
  8. Yep sorry I got that...I meant the CRA website doesnt have any 1x19 316 wire at all: only 7x7 and 7x19.
  9. Will try him but his website doesnt show this option? (or any similar)
  10. Thanks. But I'm doing it myself, hence the query!
  11. Hi all looking for a supplier of 1x19 6mm Korean kos 316 wire for standing rigging, (or similar quality alternative). Every supplier I can find sells only Chinese 316 wire, which I don't believe can be trusted, (as steel and tube found out, the hard way). Thanks for any advice...
  12. Boat was designed with oversized wire, so it's all good. Chainplates are a design I've never seen before: bronze, encapsulated, running underneath and along the underside of what little gunwhales there are...they run about 10ft long, on both port and starboard gunwhales. Weird design, but still going strong after 50+ years without replacement or apparent weakness, (and there doesnt seem to be any storfidra owners out there who have ever needed to replace chainplates, from my international research), so mebbe theres something to be said for the unusual design...the only way they would pull, is
  13. Good to know. How much did the materials cost for knot me? I reckon I'd be about half way between that and loosemoose's $800 (as my boat has a double backstay, and oversized wire).
  14. Hi all. I need to replace standing rigging on this boat: https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/storfidra-25 Everyone I've emailed asking for a quote hasn't even bothered to reply/get back to me. Ideally I'd like to unstep the mast and leave it off for a while, (to do other work at the same time), which would make life a lot easier replacing the standing rigging, but the costs of mast storage seem somewhat prohibitive at westhaven... I found this supplier: http://www.clamp-products.co.nz/products/wire-rope-aisi-316-stainless-steel But I have no idea about quality of Korean SS w
  15. Nice plan rush man...I'll have a cruise around next time I'm there and see if I can find her...
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