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  1. Hi, I need to get my 25ft 5000kgs boat into dry dock, for a week or two, in six weeks' time, or so. Ideally somewhere with power available, and a gantry to step the mast, and where they're not going to moan if I stay on the boat, whilst i'm working on it. I'm going to be grinding fibreglass (osmosis work) and fitting transducers and such....nothing major, so I want to do it myself, and not go somewhere where I'm forced to pay for licensed contractors, to do it for me. I'll be using a professional rigger though, to replace rigging, so somewhere where they will travel to, too, (any rigger r
  2. Meh. $55/m for teak seemed a bit steep, so I just machined some kwila decking at $8.99/m. Job done. Nice and chunky too so should last a while. Sometimes it pays to have a boat that isn't all that flash, as bodges like this work perfectly well
  3. as pictured. Need a few of these. Loving the way this one has lasted 20 years plus in rain, with no maintenance at all. Can anyone advise where I can buy them, preferably Auckland or Hamilton areas? Cheers in advance
  4. Thanks. Mitchells looks perfect, if I can ever get to silverdale, mon-fri!
  5. Hi all....anyone know where I can get teak detailing strips like these? They're only 3-4mm thick, and I only need approximately 3m of them, so cant do a big order.... Thanks
  6. Yep. And I didnt like what they said!
  7. Both in gold and black, size XL, Brand new, still with tags attached. These are (goretex paid-for, bought from Musto Australia) replacements of my old oilies, which delaminated, but were covered by goretex's lifetime guarantee, evidently...I've got all the emailed correspondence I had with musto/goretex about the issue, to prove. Unfortunately I need to raise funds for fixing my boat, without which, this wet weather gear is a bit pointless, so they need to go... Total cost from marine deals would be $3200: https://www.marine-deals.co.nz/offshore-jackets/musto-hpx-gtx-ocean-
  8. Oh, and for more others' interest, these guys DO do swaged terminals, but they havent confirmed with me yet whether they use chinese steel.... http://www.clamp-products.co.nz/products/1x19/1x19-3mm-wire-rope-aisi-316 Still looking for more suppliers of 1x19 by the meter (swage terminals, or not), if anyone knows any?
  9. No, I don't think so. But just out of interest, what makes you say this? I dont know what I dont know, so mebbe I'm underthinking this job...
  10. Ok for others' reference: Anzor have got back to me and confirmed their wire is from a "korean manufacturer, based in vietnam". They dont do swageing though...
  11. Yep sorry I got that...I meant the CRA website doesnt have any 1x19 316 wire at all: only 7x7 and 7x19.
  12. Will try him but his website doesnt show this option? (or any similar)
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