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  1. Thinking of temporarily mooring in a marina eg westhaven, for 1-3 months, but would need to stay on board 1-2 nights a week... They (and others) seem pretty anti-staying on board (EVER!), from my conversations with them...does anyone know how rigorously do they (and others) enforce this rule, for such occasional stayers?
  2. Is this still available? I'd have it if so:-)
  3. So I've been getting by by diving and scraping for past 3 years, but boat's on the hard now and I'm sanding back to the bare hull, to do things right from scratch. Any recommendations for me? Boat is GRP, some osmosis but not terrible, and I'll grind all that out and repair. I'd thought interprotect epoxy 2 part for barrier coat, but it seems pricey, and I had no idea for most (cost- and growth-) effective antifouling for northcote point area? All I know is that the mussels there seem to happily ignore whatever was on there, before! TIA
  4. Hi, I need to get my 25ft 5000kgs boat into dry dock, for a week or two, in six weeks' time, or so. Ideally somewhere with power available, and a gantry to step the mast, and where they're not going to moan if I stay on the boat, whilst i'm working on it. I'm going to be grinding fibreglass (osmosis work) and fitting transducers and such....nothing major, so I want to do it myself, and not go somewhere where I'm forced to pay for licensed contractors, to do it for me. I'll be using a professional rigger though, to replace rigging, so somewhere where they will travel to, too, (any rigger r
  5. Meh. $55/m for teak seemed a bit steep, so I just machined some kwila decking at $8.99/m. Job done. Nice and chunky too so should last a while. Sometimes it pays to have a boat that isn't all that flash, as bodges like this work perfectly well 😅🤣😅
  6. as pictured. Need a few of these. Loving the way this one has lasted 20 years plus in rain, with no maintenance at all. Can anyone advise where I can buy them, preferably Auckland or Hamilton areas? Cheers in advance
  7. Thanks. Mitchells looks perfect, if I can ever get to silverdale, mon-fri!
  8. Hi all....anyone know where I can get teak detailing strips like these? They're only 3-4mm thick, and I only need approximately 3m of them, so cant do a big order.... Thanks
  9. Yep. And I didnt like what they said!
  10. Both in gold and black, size XL, Brand new, still with tags attached. These are (goretex paid-for, bought from Musto Australia) replacements of my old oilies, which delaminated, but were covered by goretex's lifetime guarantee, evidently...I've got all the emailed correspondence I had with musto/goretex about the issue, to prove. Unfortunately I need to raise funds for fixing my boat, without which, this wet weather gear is a bit pointless, so they need to go... Total cost from marine deals would be $3200: https://www.marine-deals.co.nz/offshore-jackets/musto-hpx-gtx-ocean-
  11. Oh, and for more others' interest, these guys DO do swaged terminals, but they havent confirmed with me yet whether they use chinese steel.... http://www.clamp-products.co.nz/products/1x19/1x19-3mm-wire-rope-aisi-316 Still looking for more suppliers of 1x19 by the meter (swage terminals, or not), if anyone knows any?
  12. No, I don't think so. But just out of interest, what makes you say this? I dont know what I dont know, so mebbe I'm underthinking this job...
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