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we brought a new yacht

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just had bit of a nasty storm go trough the marina, past now and sunny again, but cold, nights are about 8deg, and days although nice and sunny are about 16 degrees. 

see our latest Vlogs here: 


about to leave Port Balis and go south to the warmer weather, pretty much all jobs complete and now ready to cross the Atlantic.

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Hi All, havent posted much in the last few years, but been plenty busy getting sorted for the next adventure. the family and i have rented the house and flown to the Med and brought a 50 footer to sa

on our way to Gibraltar now, down the spanish coast, should be there in about 2 days time. if the weaher holds, pick up some crew there and a few days later head off for the Canaries to meet up with s

made it to canaries, in Arrecife. here for a few days, few minor repairs and upgrades then off to Grand Canaria, and then Cape Verde. should be in Caribbean by 1st Feb.

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just did a crazy overnight sail from Post Balis/Barcelona  - 215nm in 30 hours to Port Javea just down from Valencia. started motoring/sailing into light head winds then it was supposed to be building wind from behind, but instead building from 20kn to be 30-40kn tight reaching for the last 8 hours, covered 100nm in 10 hours. except for the last 3 hours when we just wanted to get there and shelter was quite comfy in our fast cruiser, ended with 2 reefs in mainsail and half genoa furled. 

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