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Waterproof Relay

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42 minutes ago, lateral said:

Light duty, heavy duty, 12vdc or 23Ovac?

Heaps available, electrical wholesalers, autopart supply, Jaycar, Repco, JA Russell etc.

You may  have to install in a waterproof housing to get   IP68 performance and duct I/O's.

12v dc 30amp.

Maybe I am searching for the wrong thing? I can't find any on Jaycar or Repco. 

Looking for something like: https://www.amazon.com/PACK-AMP-Waterproof-Relay-Harness/dp/B074QV54V1

Or any of the other million hits I get when typing 'waterproof relay' into Google :)

Edit: I found someone on trademe reselling the Aliexpress ones for a nice markup. 

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2 hours ago, lateral said:

If you wanted wp harnesses with tinned cable and your load relay requirements all made up to plug n play you

may struggle here.

Even the base and the cases don't (readily) exist in NZ.  Lots of places outside NZ selling kits and complete units.  I visited, Jaycar, Repco, Supercheap and JA Russell.  An auto-electrician in Wairau road said he can order one from Hella, but they have no stock in the country and it will be $90 ... I have ordered a box of 5 from AliExpress for NZD$7.29 - in the mean time I will fit a standard relay and wrap it in plastic tape.  Probably overkill given the last relay lasted 10+ years :-) - but figured I would do it right.



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