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Simple TV for AC - stream? Aerial?

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Clipper the simple answer is that you can buy the basic WN modem and run it from a 12v socket (or mains if you prefer) and you’re ready to go.

It seems to achieve a slightly better signal than a mobile phone even from it’s inbuilt antenna. Maybe it’s got a small boost function inside? Either way that will more than suffice around the inner Gulf.

If you want to boost it (cheaply) you can buy 2x external antennas from Jaycar for about $50 each and connect then to the back of the modem (1 is upload and 1 is download). And this will boost a weak signal by 1-2 bars.

And if you want to go sexier still you could buy a full-on booster antenna and mount it higher on the boat eg up the mast  - but that’s probably beyond your (and my) budget eg. $1,000!

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