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  1. Was that the aqua vitae that Garry is now doing up?
  2. Clipper

    PT 11

    yup, I've built a couple now, one measured and cut by hand, one CNC'd. Would only CNC going forward.
  3. Clipper

    PT 11

    that's a nice looking dinghy very nice looking dinghy. ugly rig, not as slippery under sail I'm sure, but looks like could carry more people and gear .
  4. What are your thoughts on what it should be? On say a 40' keel boat
  5. You cant call yourself a keel yacht with a lifting keel?
  6. Thanks, too small for me.
  7. The dinghy size is 2.4? I have a similar bag, well attacked by UV, for my 2.7 zodiac. Assume it wont work?
  8. Clipper


    Great racing to watch this event. I watched the replay on youtube using a vpn on the ipad, some extremely close finishes
  9. I was a bit wrong (or the price has gone up). 6 pin and $42 https://nz.rs-online.com/web/p/industrial-circular-connectors/1473049/?relevancy-data=7365617263685F636173636164655F6F726465723D31267365617263685F696E746572666163655F6E616D653D4931384E53656172636847656E65726963267365617263685F6C616E67756167655F757365643D656E267365617263685F6D617463685F6D6F64653D6D61746368616C6C7061727469616C267365617263685F7061747465726E5F6D6174636865643D5E5B5C707B4C7D5C707B4E647D2D2C2F255C2E5D2B24267365617263685F7061747465726E5F6F726465723D313133267365617263685F73745F6E6F726D616C697365643D59267365617263685F72657
  10. Not answering the question, but def related. The 5(?) pin plugs for the Raymarine ST1000 and ST2000 can be bought from RS for 1/3 of the cost of through Raymarine. They come from the same manufacturer. I did it a few years ago, $25 v $75 from memory (and that $75 might have been a mates rate cost).
  11. Im excited. Should be a fun trip to coromandel. Home, not so much
  12. My finger has fanworm on it. The finger is where the boat (sadly) spends most of its time. What a joke
  13. Are they serious? I have to comply but the finger I tie up to doesn't as it is 'commercial' ? FFS
  14. I assume this applies to marina pontoons/fingers?
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