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  1. I am unsure how it all worked, was there any submission/speaking from RAYC?
  2. And even more surprising they chose to support RAYC. I can only assume they want to move into the dinghy market? Or perhaps coffee and scone market? Doyles coffee with a side of carpark?
  3. There is no need for yacht clubs if there are no yachts left. if you cant haul yachts, there will be none. Okahu sailor, to me your plan seems aimed at killing boating in auckland. I hope RAYC is the first club to die.
  4. I watched. was similar to the Sail GP races, more covering tacks, fun to see upwind starts The weather sucked and that ruined it
  5. I don't care how well written it was (and it was). For a yacht club to actively support the shutting down of a facility that is important to so many boaties is something I disagree with. I note there is support from AYBA, other yacht clubs, YNZ to try and keep it going. Seems RAYC is well in the minority? I have competed in a number of great RAYC races in the past (Fiji, White Island, 350). Never again will I race with RAYC. And I know of many active racing sailors who say the same.
  6. Steve Gilmour used to service my Yanmar at westhaven, and he replaced my old one too
  7. Clipper


    100% he tried to head up to avoid. Watch the other vid from off the boat. These arn’t weekend warriors, its reasonable to expect guyot would have an eye out on a short course.
  8. Cough Coastal Classic Cough............
  9. Due to low experience levels with the new boat, we have elected to enter the medium length Railblaza course on Perfect Storm - Open Monohull (meaning with extras). Cant Wait!
  10. Entries now open for the SSANZ PIC Triple Series https://www.ssanz.co.nz/triple-series-2023/ A bit different this year regarding who can sail what courses. Due to the "short course with extras" option being almost unmanageably large last year (combined with complaints from fast boats the course was too short!?) this year any boat can enter any of the 3 courses. So pick a course, pick your sail configuration (Extras/no Extras) and away you go. Larger Classes (Piedies/Y88 etc) remain as normal Short Course - New World Victoria Park Medium Course - Railblaza Long
  11. Im clearly too slow, but would love to hear how they perform
  12. I have used meranti and okoume on dinghy builds. I understand the meranti is stronger, but the stuff I used had quite a rough grain/less smooth face than the okoume. It is quite a bit heavier too. but of course, cheaper! Im a bit of a weight nazi on boats, so Id use Okoume, for weight, and nicer finish I have the opposite problem of you, my boat has NO wood and and I want to keep it that way. so foam, glass, carbon, and white paint for me...
  13. Doesnt the position just refer to commercial vessels though?
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