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  1. I suspect the sail requirements are for new sails aren't they? They always grandfathered in existing setups. for example the orange storm jibs. Old storm jibs didnt need the colour, new ones did. Mine has orange corners, new ones fully orange? So if you have a 40% reef point, you dont need to go and move it for the new reg to 50%, but if you build a new sail this year, you better line up... I don/t think I agree necessarily, as the head of a well reefed main should prob line up with some sort of mast support, mid panel prob not ideal.
  2. Makes sense. I get the start times so know whats happening live and then after they have gone past or there are exciting bits, we can re watch 2 mins later on the tv down below. works quite well. Youtube is good, streams better than TVNZ (which sux) and has better commentators. Watching those boats in the prestart in front of you or bearing away at top mark hasnt got dull yet... (and Ive been out there 6 of last 7 days)
  3. Hmmm... on thewater i was getting youtube 90 seconds behind?
  4. How often so you apply lanolin? My propspeed is had it now. You apply it with a rag in the water??
  5. From all I have read, JLC did an amazing job of finding the raft. Sounds a bloody awful fold up and lucky escape.
  6. Fresh Off Boat? i figure ‘Far Out Bro’ might be more appropriate!
  7. What does FOB mean? I saw her Friday, awesome looking boat, but cant really love the keel setups they have
  8. Wow. I think Ive stated that word for word a number of times! Finish the race, by the time you are in, boats packed up, sail cover on, beers opened...
  9. 12 knots is bloody stupid (wake wise) and ignored by so many cocks its worthless. If you arnt going to enforce (or even educate), why bother with the bylaw. Make it slower or faster, i dont care, just actually make it happen.
  10. One more issue: There was no bloody wind!
  11. I had them on my old boat, loved them, didnt have the ball issues the harken tracks can have.
  12. Clipper

    Coastal 2020

    The lack of discussion here probably has more to do with crew.org than lack of interest in the coastal classic?
  13. And im pretty sure the course to be used is picked the evening before as well. Quite the undertaking to get the stakeboats (Yacht marking corners), marshall boats, big orange boundary buoys all sorted, well before race time.
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