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  1. It sure was a great regatta. I was racing in the 40R div, and we had 12 W/L races over 3 days. Solid breeze on the weekend, some extremely close racing, big speeds downhill. Extremely hard work, can hardly move today!
  2. So for an update. Acetone did indeed damage the conduit, which i had to rip out, and now need to replace. 3-4 hours all up (just removing the wires) should have gone full destruction mode at the beginning and saved time. Ended up damaging the switch wires and nav light wires with all the pulling, so even more to redo. Expanding foam will not be used again! Now to fix the blocked toilet while i get new cables made up...
  3. I have anchor winch cables and nav light wires i need to replace, but they are well glued into a conduit by expanding foam of some kind, presumably to stop leaks. Any ideas on how to remove them?
  4. My god there are some boring old men with selective memories. I know you think you recall close racing with lead changes and exciting starts, but that is such rose tinted glasses nonsense. IACC racing was in general so boring it puts insomniacs to sleep. Sure there was some epic racing, but in general, win the start, win the race. Just like now. go on youtube and watch. My god its dull
  5. Clipper

    herald ban?

    Good job. The joke of a newspaper has been doing so much unnecessary sh*t stirring over the last year about ETNZ. There is a difference between raising valid concerns over taxpayer money and click baiting with sensational headlines.
  6. Im doing R66, but why cant people do both?
  7. I think it is that one
  8. Pretty sure the teams want you to keep a consistent course and they go around you. ETNZ def does. If you suddenly turn to avoid a boat doing 40 as they take evasive action it could be 'fun'.
  9. I’m pretty keen on this, just trying to sort a few things out, big job to get boat back into race mode, so might be playing as a cruiser!
  10. I suspect the sail requirements are for new sails aren't they? They always grandfathered in existing setups. for example the orange storm jibs. Old storm jibs didnt need the colour, new ones did. Mine has orange corners, new ones fully orange? So if you have a 40% reef point, you dont need to go and move it for the new reg to 50%, but if you build a new sail this year, you better line up... I don/t think I agree necessarily, as the head of a well reefed main should prob line up with some sort of mast support, mid panel prob not ideal.
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