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  1. Due to low experience levels with the new boat, we have elected to enter the medium length Railblaza course on Perfect Storm - Open Monohull (meaning with extras). Cant Wait!
  2. Entries now open for the SSANZ PIC Triple Series https://www.ssanz.co.nz/triple-series-2023/ A bit different this year regarding who can sail what courses. Due to the "short course with extras" option being almost unmanageably large last year (combined with complaints from fast boats the course was too short!?) this year any boat can enter any of the 3 courses. So pick a course, pick your sail configuration (Extras/no Extras) and away you go. Larger Classes (Piedies/Y88 etc) remain as normal Short Course - New World Victoria Park Medium Course - Railblaza Long
  3. Im clearly too slow, but would love to hear how they perform
  4. I have used meranti and okoume on dinghy builds. I understand the meranti is stronger, but the stuff I used had quite a rough grain/less smooth face than the okoume. It is quite a bit heavier too. but of course, cheaper! Im a bit of a weight nazi on boats, so Id use Okoume, for weight, and nicer finish I have the opposite problem of you, my boat has NO wood and and I want to keep it that way. so foam, glass, carbon, and white paint for me...
  5. Doesnt the position just refer to commercial vessels though?
  6. =IF(TWD-Bearing<=-180,TWD-Bearing+360,TWD-Bearing)
  7. Its not, but I hauled him up and down a few times and held the dumb end of the tape
  8. Nice shiny new rigging too?
  9. Just force a name change to RAC?
  10. Wow, sorry to hear about your boat, thanks for coming and filling in the details., Hope you and crew all recovered?
  11. Horrible to see. Any idea what sort of boat?
  12. oh. I might be wrong too - I remember the squadron pausing it earlier for the 150th stuff before Covid stuffed us all. I didn't look again. If its RAYC, I agree with you Romany!
  13. Yep, we should maintain the berths we pay approx. 1 squillion dollars a month for. Great idea.
  14. In their defence, the new CEO at RNZYS is recognising some of those issues, and rum races are now just $10. Hey Arian, what's the cost of a Wednesday night length race on Aprils Fools day with NZMYC?
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