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  1. If you are in auckland you could test it in your driveway at the moment…
  2. That's another interesting point - why is the party beforehand?
  3. The PHRF requirement is a bit of a strange one if trying to build a large spectacle race? And Its not clear yet what the $100 to $150 entry covers, but if its just the race, might be a bit steep for some. i dont want to sound negative, the concept looks great fun.
  4. Why the trip? We have a family Bach at pahi, dont ever see yachts in there?
  5. What about that really slow, stock std y11 with the tiny pintop main? Surely thats a div 4 boat?
  6. Great report, thanks. On that last point, I've done the 350, and the white island race, enjoyed them a lot. However, with the stance that RAYC took re the landing closure, I’ll not be entering any more of their races. Why support a ‘sailing’ club that doesn't support all the requirements of sailing
  7. Such a short sighted, ridiculous point of view. I cannot believe that is supported by many of the sailors who are (well, if were me, WERE) members. I'm honestly stunned that RAYC does not want to support big boat sailing anymore. To be fair, the last event I saw was wind warriors, they don't need much hard stand space for maintenance I suppose.
  8. Don't we all (as yachties) pay heaps of fees to some kind of national organisation to represent us in matters like this? cough @YNZ cough....
  9. Surely the piedy IS the dinghy?
  10. Handicaps: https://www.ssanz.co.nz/pic-triple-series-2022-handicaps/
  11. Thanks Mark, your effort is appreciated.
  12. Haha, yeah, nah, not what I meant. I agree with khayyam that actually enforcing our existing rules might be a good start.
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