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Our B&G What-If panel for a route used to be spot on.  At some point during an upgrade, (or maybe I ti-tooed too much), it's gone way off, saying that we'll be sailing at 20deg AWA with 25deg TWA.  The downwind legs are also out, reporting 130TWA when we should be doing 165TWA.

We've resorted to doing the math manually, but it would be nice to get this feature working properly again.

Anyone know where it's getting the data from to make these calculations and how I set it?  I can't think of anything that I changed.

I don't use the start-line feature, but I feel it is somehow tied into whatever that uses...

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Which B&G display is it? If its an H5000, then which processor?

If its a Zeus 2 or 3 with no central processor, then look in system, charts, laylines, targets, and edit the table. This is a settings/table error, yes, most likely finger trouble.

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So it has four settings. The manual is pretty light on what these do? Polar, Actual, Manual, Table. I am guess that Polar needs a h5000?

What does Actual and Manual do? I seem to get no lines on Actual. 

Is there a way to add more intermediate rows to the table?


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