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What the &^%$ have I let myself in for

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First of all,  Happy New Year everyone.   It's been a while since I posted,  been a bit busy.

I finally realised my dream of the last 20 odd years and I have managed to buy myself a boat.  What a reality check.   All you jokers make it sound and look so easy.. 

Oh yeah,  just get yourself, this , or get one of those, and do this and that..  far out!!!!  I've not been so stressed in my entire life.   and it's not even in the water yet.

It's a 23' Southerly,  the hull was built by Compass and she was finished off elsewhere after Compass went out of business.   "Swift" spent some years in Turangi and was raced on Taupo before finding her way to Napier, where I got her from.  She's now in Mana.  On the hard awaiting re-rigging and some tidying up before taking up residence in the Marina. 

I've only had here in the area for a week or so,  and some days I actually enjoy being a boat owner and tinkering about with her, and doing stuff..  Other times I want to curl up in a ball and cry like a baby...

Hopefully these aren't uncommon feelings for new boat owners,  and also hopefully the despair and helplessness will be short lived.. 

Seeking reassurance , or whisky,  or a good mental health professional.



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Cheer up mate. It'll only get worse. And better,much better and then worse again repeat repeat repeat. Welcome to the world of boat ownership. Beats mowing lawns and reading world cruising books though

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