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  1. Problem with that IT is :how do the shops get scallops ? But it's better to decide how to do it once beds recover rather than totally deplete and wonder how that happened. I'm assuming it's a total ban and none of this customary BS.
  2. Waste not ,want not. Please let me have it.
  3. Well I wish GD ,TNZ every success. It's an oldie but a goodie.....you don't know what you've got until you lose it. Tall poppie syndrome alive and well BP ?
  4. Support this. Give that area a break. It's been pillaged and plundered,mainly by dredges for far too long. And the divers. Most stuck to the rules but there's just too many people diving these days.
  5. Simple solution for budding yachtsman Mr.Dunphy,who incidentally I've never come across in many years of sailing,is to form his own challenge,recruit his own team. As a rich lister he will know that money can buy (almost) anything. It's easy peasey ?
  6. We've done the last 4. Big effort getting boat up there.Unloading for racing,putting it all back together, delivery crew/race crew,accommodation....and so on. Well worth the effort and we enjoy the format. It's not broken so don't fix it ! p.s. we do Island racing
  7. All too hard. We went back to a SS backstay...heavier but clears the leech better too
  8. Did you mean Minister of Conversation ?
  9. This is how stupid gets to be the norm in regs like this one. Just illustrating how it happens
  10. Yes ...I'm absolutely positive BOIG is 110 % correct. Perhaps your view is based on newspaper,TV & Radio reporting. Mostly The view you have may have been 50's,60's but that changed on the make up of Parliamentarians with MMP. Yes I know that came later ! Why,now we have unemployed getting seats . Likewise Councils now get race based seats as does Govt.. It's become a bureaucrats dream. On BOPRC theres one elected member who only got his seat because no one else stood. Not Left or Right leaning. Nor an Accountant ,Lawyer etc or a business person .I think he was about 20 & a Hairdresse
  11. More truth in that post than even you (probably) realise !
  12. Don't let her find out the hard way !....
  13. As YNZ has taken no notice/action about this issue (which has been posted many times here) I'm going to. Per Waikiore advice I'm resigning from the other clubs. I'll give those clubs a donation equivalent to the subscription. I'll still participate because I'll still belong to a club affiliated. This way the other clubs will increase their revenue at no cost to me and I'll have addressed a rort
  14. Semantics ! Members pay. Smoke and mirrors stuff
  15. Yes ....it may be that they'll need to put the fees up since NZ didn't get the medal haul. This will cut the Govt. funding. If the empire is to remain that leaves us. The other 90% to fund the shortfall. But we don't exist if we're not members. It's up to the club reps to take back control and govern for the rest of us
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