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  1. Remember back when (not that long ago) boaties chucked all rubbish overboard.Plastic,tins,bottles and how,in a few short years that stopped. The next step is for Govt. to get into the packaging industry who create some of the pollutants. Meantime boaties can help. See Live Ocean charity to create the same public awareness of pollution in the sea that land pollution has
  2. Sorry...that should be Fogg !
  3. Hey T. I'll bet he didn't write himself a ticket when he saw your video. Who polices the police ?
  4. Thanks for that Fish...I'll try it
  5. Hi Fish...would you pse elaborate on silicon wrap on your prop shaft...thx
  6. Yep, thats why yet another competitor stopped racing. Over regulation. Amazingly we continued to sail those same waters in similar conditions and haven't had an issue. And without the security of other competitors around us !
  7. I don't think its too bad. But ,silly me,doesn't steel rust or has that stopped too ?
  8. No wonder. About 20 tears ago an ex Transit engineer told me to not drive on the Nippon Clip ons. Once the Greenies get cars banned there will be the biggest waikways and cycleways available you can imagine. Methinks the Harbour Bridge has reached its limit ?
  9. You probably missed it BP but ETNZ (Emirates Team NZ) sailing a foiling monohull retained the worlds oldest yachting trophy in Auckland yesterday
  10. Isn't it interesting that our Dear Leader has gone to ground.Never one to miss a photo op at the Brownie meeting nor her regular appearances with her sock puppets we haven' heard tikety boo. It's actually quite a relief. But the message is clear. This lot don't want a bar of something that directs attention away from them. Can't wait to read Granny Herald either to see what they write about GD. From ETNZ point of view IMO they've no option but to go where the money is,and it's not here. Will Emirates renew their support ? Will Bertarelli pirate the key team with his bottomless cheque book ?
  11. Thats right KM. The devil is in the detail,particularly detail thats vague especially on enforcement. With Regional Council / Harbour master it only takes one zealous officer and they have the book to throw at an innocent boatie . It's the hassle and expense of proving you're not guilty whilst they have an inexhaustable supply of both.. The good intentions fly out the window once some officers get involved.
  12. Hi KM....would you hoist a crew (or yourself )up a spliced main halyard as described here.... ;4 to 6 to 8 ?
  13. No higher authority than Michael Field on Twitter
  14. Just another part of Miraka Honi's ( NZ )governing Communists master plan to keep the peasants living in fear. Thus they are controlled. And we've got a lot more to come over the next 2 plus years.
  15. I was more referring to NZ papers. They long ago stopped printing items regularly from o'seas journos like Gwynne Dyer. Too much quality and accurate informative detail. RNZ = Red Radio
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