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Noelex 22 centreboard pin maintenance

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Hi, the centreboard pin has pulled out from one half of the casing on my Noelex 22 so I'm going to reinstall and secure. I was wondering if I should grease the pin perhaps with some marine grease. I'm not sure what seals are in place in the centreboard casing so thought I would check. Is there anything else I should do while I'm at it?



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Check what stops water coming into the boat.

I didn't grease my pin and it's still going fine after a long time. Can't see what harm throwing some good grease on it would do though.

Look closely at everything in and around there for any possible issues or start of, it is a spot that generally gets looked at very rarely.


The most 'eyes wide open' in a facial expression that suggested the owner of it thought they (there were 2 of them aboard) were about to die I've ever seen was in the cockpit of a N22 as it skipped down the side of Waiheke while doing an excellent imitation of a 18ft skiff. A huge squall sneaked up on them and all they could do was hang on and hope.....at what appeared to be 20 odd knots :) I was watching it while standing on the mast on a Farr 1/2 tonner waiting for the squall to ease so we could get her back upright.  That squall was a real sneaker and must have made a few sailmakers a bit richer, never seen so many kites blowing out as that one caused.

We lost site of the N22 in the haze but came up to it again about 2 miles down the track, the pair were bailing furiously after what sounded like a massive wipe out. We stopped to help but they were fine....and buzzing more than a paddock full of beehives.

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Pulled the plate out of a Marten Noelex a few times, I don't remember there being anything special around the pin. Honestly can't remember how we got it in or out these days, but I know it was a hella heavy once it hit the floor!

If you have the boat "lifted" I'd be checking the entire centreboard, I can remember one of the Auckland Marten boats had the board crack, then the steel insides rusted and expanded, jamming it solid in the case.

That boat (Spasmodic) later underwent a major refit, including a daggerboard conversion, and is still racing today. Funnily enough it's the boat that brought me back to the class, as a mate bought her a couple of years back.

I'll send you a dm.



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Yes I used some timber, chains and a car jack to build a crane on the centreboard housing so I could manoeuvre the plate and realign the holes to put the pub back through. Took a few hours on the anchor with the boat wobbling about and my head down but got it done. She's on the trailer now so much easier.

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