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Self Tacking Runners

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On 14/02/2021 at 4:57 PM, CarpeDiem said:

So I read in this Write-up that Mr Kite II has/had self tacking runners. 

I have tried and failed, to get my head around how this would work.  And can't find any details on such a setup. 

Anyone got some links to this? 

If you look at the boat you can see where the tracks went along each side of the cockpit.  Probably need to see it to get the gist of what was in place.  Essentially it seems they ran forward on the leeward side, and it looks like there was some trickery using the tracks to keep them taut when not in use - like a curved self tacking jib track.. 

As the article states, the boat had quite a few radical features when first launched.  Subsequently there was the big renovation that made it a bit more conventional.  All well prior to it coming to NZ.

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