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  1. Jon’s right. As part of the PHRF committee we have a system in place this week to quickly review and process the applications that are coming through, under the watchful eye of Mark. So don’t let that stop you entering the triple series today (Wednesday). Looks like a great fleet for Saturday already.
  2. The AIS transmission is from whichever VHF aerial you plug your AIS into - on yachts it's usually masthead via the splitter. Hence the distance. The GPS aerial under your deck just provides your position to the AIS unit. Ours is the same, GPS under the deck on the GRP Ross 40. But we had to mount it outside on the all carbon boat.
  3. Hi, does this work for when a sail is hanked on in the foredeck but not being used? Is that how you use it? If so I am keen
  4. What make is it? I have a brand new TMC bowl (from Burnsco) that we no longer need - we only wanted the base and pump mechanism
  5. Boatworks

    SSANZ Race D

    Ha. Wow throw him under the bus why don't you Jon!!
  6. RAYC Sailing Committee met last night to work through Spetember and October events. Gold Cup race provisionaly to be delayed to April 2022 (RAYC). To be confirmed shortly. Not sure on Spring Regatta. I think it's safe to say that there won't be any Auckland events that weekend of 25/9.
  7. In place of now-cancelled Akl-Noumea Race. This is an extract from RAYC/Suellen’s email today: RAYC Update 10/9/21 - Round the Northern Island Fully Crewed Not to be confused with the SSANZ RNI Race which is shorthanded, this version of the race (which has the full support of the SSANZ committee), will be fully crewed and with only one stopover, or none at all based on your feedback. We are proposing the run this race at the end of the season, giving enough time for those to recover from the SSANZ Northern Triangle, and before it gets tooooooooo cold. Stopover opt
  8. Nice. What boat are they going on to?
  9. My family farmed nearby Wharehunga on Arapawa Island for several decades - my mother grew up there. Wharehunga looks out at Pickersgill and it's a special part of the world. As a boy in the sounds my early memories are of a lot more fish but a lot less bush so it's great to see these projects restoring to how it should be. Another project is the peninsular in Picton Harbour, Kaipupu, where the locals work with DOC to restore native wildlife to Picton surrounds. It's a neverending challenge to stop predators swimming around the fence ends. For Aucklanders, if you haven't been to Rotoroa
  10. Yes I went down G Pier earlier in the week. Gate pass worked as usual. I think you could put it down as exercise. Last time I didn’t get there under L4 but I like to check things every week.
  11. Thanks, that may well be correct for the hulls. Geoff only told me about the deck/cabin mould coming from Not Guilty as above - the PC and ML cabins are quite different.
  12. Boatworks


    If you can't find it, there is this one is from 2014 on the LSD FB page - https://www.facebook.com/livesaildie.official/photos/a.707829505932156/707831552598618
  13. Haha. Yeah well it was actually attached but the Martin Breaker…..broke….as we were hoisting. Then it went again after it was reattached. I have just been down to WH on a very chilly Sunday morning to fix it. A bit annoying but fortunately for us we didn’t lose much as the breeze was pretty light. All these things are newly installed so we are still figuring things out. All in all a pretty nice day out on Kaizen.
  14. Provincial Cowboy is a well known Ross 40 design yacht based in Auckland, New Zealand. The 'Mk 1' Ross 40 is a design that's part of the folklore of the NZ sailing scene of the 80's and 90's. We have lost count of the number of people who stopped by to reminisce about racing they did on PC or her sisterships. The hull and decks were built by Nautec Yachts for first owner Geoff Bagge and the two other initial owners. Her decks were the first from the mould (taken from Not Guilty) and Geoff had to wait some time after receiving the hull. Geoff fitted a typical kiwi cruiser/racer lay
  15. A few more on the wait list... Lanny Walker Radioactive chris dent Simply the best Mike Paauwe Penury Treguier David Poulpito
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