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Young 99 vrs Young 11

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Hey Smithy the Y11 or Y99 are awesome boats. You can't make a mistake in choosing between them. There's never enough good ones for sale though. A friend of mine owns Road Runner, a Y11. It's got the Wellie keel on it. Nice boat inside and out. Well behaved, and no real nasty habits. When really pushed (and I mean PUSHED) downwind they can bury their snout a bit, but the same could be said of many yachts. We did the Coastal in it a few years ago and my outstanding memory was doing 17 odd knots past Cape Rodney with just a fractional kite up. It wasn't even white knuckle stuff, just - niiiiiiiice. The photo below was taken before then - we were just idling along at around 12 knots, note how causally he has his hand draped over the pushpit.


The owner raced it short handed regularly. Both 2 handed and single handed. I can remember a single handed race where we'd put our kites up at the start and a huge squall came up behind us. I remember looking at my speedo and I was doing around 12 knots and then I looked across at RR and he was absolutely flying! I think he was doing 15 knots or thereabouts. Totally under control, just smokin' along!


So yes, they're easy boats to sail, good interior space for a boat of that sort of performance. If you compare it to say a Davidson 35, which is clearly a cruiser and much lower performing, the interior space is almost identical. So you'll get performance and good cruising out of a Y11 or a 99. Enjoy...

Road Runner now up on Trademe:

http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/boats-m ... 303806.htm


Probably not quite time to grab it for a Christmas cruise although nothing's impossible...

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