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  1. yep no duty, as long as Aussie made, just to qualify, and even then have to careful that imported component cost (engines etc) doesn't surpass the local content as a few Riv importers found out a few years back.
  2. a think a lot of those 25 year old bendy's were only semi production, hence the reliability?? On my bucket list too, to buy a big Euro for an extended trip home, the ARC a must do. Got a few more ticks to do in the pacific in my basic kiwi sh*t box first though!
  3. PW? I was wondering if they have hit a sea breeze, having just gone through the transition??
  4. Been great watching tracker, very addictive these half hour updates. Question, do the PHRF's get looked at after each leg, as I recall they have in the past?
  5. update in a few minutes, cant understand why blink stopped?? Meanwhile Celadon doing well and Sunfast also having a blinder. Prepare yourselves Wellytown!!
  6. wow see what you mean, an hour or so of tide interesting to see how Blink plays this with their local knowledge
  7. mentally testing stuff for those guys. Gale warning in force for tomorrow will bring the rest of the fleet home in a hurry
  8. Celadon and wedgetail look set to gain out of this, if they can get down there for the tide turn
  9. Did course last year, bloody good value. Dave had us all rearing to staple up wounds and administer injections! Interesting to note that in the '15 Hobart, I think there were two instances of boats not being able to inject morphine because they didn't know how.. I will be doing next years course If you are running Dave.
  10. the forecast is for SW-W later, so will be watching to see how they position. Bloody easy sitting at your desk...
  11. will be interesting to watch what happens the next few days, forecast is all over the shop. Glad I'm not calling it! ML certainly have their prediction buttoned in. I see Sunfast back where you would expect them.
  12. asked that, and was told the prop was rubber banded !
  13. Had to tow Rigmarole to the start, glad it paid off!!
  14. I have an Echo-Tec electric, manual flush, 50l/hr. Water tastes great as long as you remember to do the flushing weekly and change pre-filters periodically. We ran it constantly in Fiji last year and over Xmas with no issues. These things sure spoil you when you don't have to worry about where to fill up! I don't find the fact that's it electric an issue.
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