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  1. Too cool SJB it was a Brooke design built in fibreglass by Salthouse. Coronet 16. Overall look was bigger than this though, more day-sailer in appearance than dinghy.
  2. Interesting thread - I gave up on a Lowrance GPS-Raymarine VHF connection a couple of years ago but am watching with new hope Always knew about the limitations of DSC but the value of having the position off the GPS (which is out in the cockpit) displayed on the VHF screen in the event of ever needing to make a distress call, seems to speak for itself.
  3. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/artic ... d=11203275
  4. Sorry Grant, I have a lot of respect for your views but laws that are in force but not currently enforced for whatever reason don't give me any comfort at all - the potential is there for everything to change literally overnight.
  5. Run across a couple of people in the past year who have done the "sail it home and make it the adventure of a lifetime" and have loved every minute of it. I would suspect the decision-making matrix gets a bit complex. Some of the non-financial (i.e. emotional) factors can go in there as pluses; on the other side, probably also pays to allow for: - viewing/inspection costs can get up there when the boat is in a different location - seems most people will have a shortlist of at least, say, four boats that are worth a look and obviously you don't want a budget shortfall on travel/accommod
  6. Thought this story from the Herald last week was worth posting. Two of the others that made up the five included in the drowning stats in the final paragraph of that story were also, in my view, not going to be avoided by the wearing of lifejackets (or the enforcement of this on the boating community): http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/artic ... d=11181500
  7. The actual weather station is located on Red Head (Okahu Island) though isn't it?
  8. Murky

    Aquapro 2.7m

    Could be interested in your smaller one if you are planning to offload that, Marshy.
  9. Sail number 4662. Sorry no dramatic story attached to this. Spotted them running down the coast with a big bag on last week, beautiful day and so we held up off Bland Bay for five minutes to get a few photos, some of which are quite nice. However it is now a lot more difficult (impossible?) to get the details of other owners via the YNZ site (fair enough and I am not wanting to start a sh*tfight on that aspect). If you know them, please put them in touch with me.
  10. This is farkin awesome (to quote Macklemore). After all the hand-wringing that goes on about "the state of yachting in NZ" you have to say the modern classics and classic-classics are in a really strong state. Congratulations to all involved.
  11. Ya really think he's gonna part with that just because you asked? The $100 can be dealt with easily enough but the long night at the Razza is probably priceless.
  12. So my contribution will be firstly to quote Jono's original post to get it up on this page: and secondly to add that although I have been lucky enough to have done the race on some very quick boats, I also have fond memories of sunrises at the Brett etc, and also note that it is a big thing when sons do their first Coastal with Dad. So yes, I reckon it is worth giving those competitors what they feel they need to be recognised as what is probably the mainstay of the race from the point of view of entry numbers. Jono, another addition to your list would be the enjoyment of an evening mea
  13. Final sentence - is that what you were wanting to know? As someone who had a reasonable amount to say when this topic came up a while back, I see this as a really good result and congratulations to anyone who was involved who is reading this. - Use of VHF to advise of locations much more relevant boaties than newspaper publicity - Ability to pay via cash as well as prepaid bags - Pricing looks fair too Thanks again!
  14. Lots of good advice above - the other other thing is: - there are often posts here from first-time buyers who have taken the plunge only to find they have trouble getting insurance for their new purchase - possibly this affects the low-cost end of the market more because it is more likely to be a less-well-known (or totally unknown) design therefore harder to address the "make and model" section of the form which starts to make the insurance companies uneasy - also there now seems to be a real reluctance on the part of insurance companies to go near anything kept on a swing mooring
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