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B&T 2 Handed series


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Who's in?



Hi David,

With the first race of the Barfoot & Thompson series on this Sunday I thought you might like to talk up this fantastic old school big shiny cup the sponsors have put on. It's currently occupying pride of place on a drinks trolley in a secret location in Whangaparaoa, but from Sunday will be up for grades to all comers entering the Barfoot & Thompson Whangaparaoa Two Handed Series.



(Apologies fro being a bit slow with this - I was out sailing most of the week).


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race was a bit of a mission on sunday. Wind from all directions at one point we sailed into a patch knocked 40 degrees, then tacked and sailed straight out of the patch of breeze straight back into a 40 degree knock.

All together a great day though.

Not a bad start, unrolled the masthead zero in its first outing in serious anger and got a wee jump on the fleet only to park and watch the fleet catch up and park too. we then headed for north shore with glory days and tacked away as we both knocked. we then crossed back over to rangi as the wind looked better there. mucked about with breeze and settlers reach and then managed to pick up a zephyr of breeze off rangi and reached into the mark as Forever went around the mark from north shore with a kite up.

Then the breeze seemed to go north east and steady at about 5-8 knots.

We caught up with Forever as they dropped their kite and paced them across to haystack.

then as we tacked and hardened up back to Gulf harbor we were alternating between the zero and the no1. the breeze came up a bit under the cloud ( and rain) and forever horizoned us only to park up in the glass just before Gulf harbor. unfortunately we ran out of runway.


Overall a great race for us coming 4th or 5th on line ( not sure if the C class was entered) behind the C class, Prozac, glory days and forever. Not bad for a 26 foot trailer trash to be up with the 40 footers.


The mast head code zero has transformed the boat in the light giving us some serious horse power in under 10 knots

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