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  1. Talented young fella died in a free diving accident in Tonga last week https://matangitonga.to/2024/06/17/diving-accident-claims-life-promising-young-athlete-haapai
  2. Faark. I just heard this from Bill. RIP Smithy, my first RNI , thanks mate! Live every day people!
  3. We are pretty sure the boat in flames behind little barrier was the stolen one from Weiti. Pretty sad for the owners. The police are aware of the situatiin I think. Hopefully the cretins will be caught.
  4. Bill from covers and canvas is also a top bloke vorpal blade on here
  5. Snipers white island race. For what was meant to be a light airs race it was looking pretty windy as we approached North head after our motor up from Gulf harbour. The pre-race discussion centered around a fractional kite ( our big one, not the wee flat thing in a sock) and a reef in the main. Max’s logic was this is our qualifier first and a race second, finishing the race and getting to know the Sniper were the priorities of the race. That sounded like a pretty good plan to me. The sail choice turned out to be a pretty good one as both Galeforce and Kick wiped out around us specta
  6. It obviously got caught by rising sea levels caused by climate change. They should have seen this coming Little Shoal bay is absolutely riven by sea level rises and climate change. The science is settled !!
  7. Terrible news. Survivability in the water in 40 - 50 knots is truly limited. Just shows how truly reliant we are on liferafts or a dinghy eh
  8. They look like very nice yachts. Brand new out of the wrapper for 89k seems pretty good value too. It will be interesting to see how they perform against the Sr's and Ross boats.
  9. so you could do a similar set up to the one that Kick and Sniper have gone for. We've both built cedar core carbon prods with static tubes. I was pretty comfortable building the prod and beefing it all up enough to hold gennakers and code zero's. I'm not sure I'd want it holding the rig though although I can't see why it wouldn't if its beefed up enough. Snipers prod is based around an Elliott 7 prod, which has around a 4mm wall thickness, with 4 laminations of 4mm cedar on both sides. There is a layer of carbon in between each lamination. Its then wrapped in 5 layers of carbon uni's and
  10. so whats the end goal? Do you want a longer prod?
  11. Booboo gets to trim the stereo Booboo gets to trim the stereo and the rum cup only
  12. Freeeeedom! will be there with a newly recovered bowchick......hopefully.
  13. philstar

    Bottom Job

    We had a Lotus 10.6 Rewi which was done at Hobsonville marina a few years ago. It cost around 15k from memory. Full plane back, dry out, a layer of glass and epoxy, then anitfoul. The performance difference afterwards was huge I think she lost alot of weight. As far as I see if you like your boat and intend keeping her its probably worth doing.
  14. I've ditched the gate idea, too hard to make it work with an internal track. We got inspiration from Nigel and Cory on Katana ( Sunfast 3600). We're putting an eye bolt at the second spreader and rigging an prestretched 8mm dynex strop with a rigging screw at the base of the mast. It will work the same way as a separate trysail track, we can hoist the trysail on the topping lift or the main halyard. in addition its removeable, light and easy to rig. The Trysail will be rigged with soft hanks. I reckon its a good option.
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