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Youngest goat to circumnavigate


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I found this on the cruisers forum, pretty much sums it up


Challenge: Youngest Goat to Circumnavigate?

Whilst away from CF.com have been working on a couple of projects..........


Seizing the spirit of the age, with youngest, fastest, first etc etc I have decided that rather than me sailing RTW would be a challenge to send a Goat around in my place.


The First and Youngest and Fastest Goat to sail solo RTW.


Obviously a couple of practical hurdles to overcome:-


I think the licensing thing can be sorted by making this a Non-Stop RTW, around both Capes. The Goat agrees.


Navigation is however proving slightly more problematical than I first thought. The Goat is ok when navigating uphill, but doesn't quite yet have a hang of the finer points of Astro. Not helped by being on our 10th set of Astro Navigation Tables...........


But the good news is that the Goat is a surprisingly able helmsan , certainly surprised me given the rather poor previous efforts at flying a plane. But I guess sailing is a tad easier than aerobatics.......


Given the advances in technology I think it quite feasible to hook up the autopilot to a chartplotter and plug 'em into a PC for remote access by me. The clever bit is rather than use an expensive satellite connection to instead use WIFI - the plan being to Zig Zag between coasts / continents as whenever near shore the WIFI kicks in and I can simply remotely set the next course. (Zig or Zag, as required). The Goat agrees, with the proviso that it would be prudent to also keep a sextant onboard. and 2 dozen Astro Navigation Tables, the lemon flavoured ones.......


Food - Apart from fishing, the Goat will be living on Goat Pellets. and these can be easily rationed and dispensed automatically on a regular basis in the Goat-o-Matic-RTW-Goatsailor-Dispenser ™.


I think that pretty covers everything (unless anyone can suggest any areas I have not covered).



Obviously some will say it is irresponsible to help a Kid acheive it's dreams of sailing solo RTW, but if you look into those deep dark eyes you just know that the Goat is ready for anything





The Challenge?


- Well, we need to choose the best boat to send a Goat RTW (Goat expresses no opinion on Mono vs Multi). Google (and WIKI) has proved surprisingly unhelpful on this subject .


- and of course we will need to name the Boat......


- and I was also thinking that a catchy slogan would also be useful to help attract sponsorship. The Goat suggested: "Goat on a Boat - RTW in 2010 - How hard can it be?", but I am not so sure as sounds a bit unprofessional........and not the image we want to project to potential Sponsors.

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