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Black Panther

Cabin Heaters

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We have Webasto heater from Half moon bay electrical which I think is around 4kw in a 40fter

I think the 2 kw would be too small

Diesel heater is great and helps keep boat interior dry and good for drying wet gear.

We have a vent into the heads and by closing all the other vents it works well as a clothes dryer.

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BP, we had a 4kW Eberspacher in our 30 ft Dufour when we lived on board in Europe. Although this was massive overkill for 30ft, it would be perfect for 45ft. I cannot rave about them enough. Awesome instant dry heat with no condensation. Eberspacher or Webasto are both good. I'm not sure how the hot water one with radiators works, but knowing these two brands, pretty well I would have thought.

What is the story with no live aboards in Gulf Harbour??I used to love all the internationals up there. Gave the place character and also they looked after other boats on their pier with security, looking after mooring lines that broke in high winds etc. That place has gone downhill fast!

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BP, You could go all out and replace the cooker with a Wallas Dt85 and Heater/blower lid...


Can't remember what the blower unit is worth, but the cook top is about €1280 




Of course you could also find an interim solution and install one of these when you visit us here in Europe...

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