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  1. This is interesting to follow - started 2 weeks ago. Graham Dalton was an entrant but had to withdraw at the last minute. https://goldengloberace.com/news/ https://www.facebook.com/goldengloberace/ https://goldengloberace.com/live-tracker/
  2. Deck / hull joint is epoxy and stainless bolts under the teak toe rail. The deck has an upturned lip to meet the hull. The lip has the bolts through it. Long time ago but something like 1/4in machine screws at say 150 centres. The toe rail covers the bolts and is constructed of three pieces of teak. One piece on the deck lip, one piece on the hull and a thicker capping piece on the top. The deck and hull are also bonded together inside the boat with approximately 400 wide chopped strand mat and polyester.
  3. We built Confererate from hull and decks and installed a Yanmar single cylinder YSE12 12hp with a briski folding prop. it was useless upwind in a breeze - only do about 3knots in those conditions. Really needed around 15 - 20 hp. I guess fixed prop may have been better but sailing performance would have suffered.
  4. Most of them were the shorter rig to fit the half ton rating. Definitely underpowered in the light but it did make them very good upwind in a breeze. Our boat - Confederate also did a circumnavigation with a later owner.
  5. I used that pourable sika product, can't remember the name and it worked for a while then started leaking so I slightly thickened some epoxy and poured on top - that worked. I think the sika didn't get right around the back of the cable tube.
  6. Please PM me if interested. Available for pickup from Central Auckland. From memory I think they still work apart from the Maxiview which has I think a quite dim display The autopilot worked but was not that accurate compared to more modern gear. The cable in front is Lowrance I think.
  7. Adrian Hayter crossed the Westport bar (not Greymouth) in I think 1956 after a 6 year voyage from England as outined in his book Shelia in the wind.
  8. Been in and out of Westport in a Lidgard Regardless drawing 2.1m at low water no problem. But it was a calm couple of days and no recent rain . The dredge was still operating then. Not sure if it still does. We called the harbour master for advice before entering.
  9. Yes absolutely Steve, great memories and did another month long cruise in the Kaipara last year which we really enjoyed. Costs of boat ownership weren't the major reason for for selling, it was more reducing use made it hard to justify. All the same the way we are sucked dry these days is pretty annoying and not just in the boating game.
  10. Pretty annoying all of that and one of the reasons we have sold our boat after 18 years, the costs keep going up and up with little justification. A real shame what these leeches are doing to destroy a great Kiwi tradition.
  11. Bruce Elliott put me onto modified silicon years ago (same as Quilosa). A very good sealant. You can buy it from Placemakers and possibly other hardware stores. Come in a variety of colours. I use it for pretty well any sealant application as it can be disassembled unlike some of the other polyurethane type sealants without wrecking things. It used to be called Fosroc MS but now is Sikaflex MS.
  12. Nothing wrong with Leisurefurl but as Chippie says forget the furling line. Bounce the halyard at the mast with someone tailing and into wind on autopilot and the sail goes up real quick. If you had an electric winch I guess you could easily do it single handed. Same with furling or reefing use a winch handle in the drum at the front of the mast with someone controlling the halyard - the sail comes down super quick. (remove the furling line completely as it just makes the whole process too slow). You do need to be into wind. With the full length battens it is a very good sy
  13. Yep usual America’s Cup. Kept me fascinated with all the shenanigans ever since Baron Bich
  14. https://www.livesaildie.com/youth-americas-cup-ac9f-kotare-flies-high-in-auckland/
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