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Alinghi donate boat shed to Hokianga sailing club

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This is really cool and a good thing.


I've often felt that sailing could help kids and teens who are otherwise at a loose end to avoid the pitfalls of life.


Christina just said that instead of becoming street kids and thieves they'll now become pirates ;)

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so this is a really old thread, but i just wondered what happened to the fledgling Hokianga sailing club, I'm digging around and I find this:




Which is so bloody typical, 


But then this, 




Which is again, awesome.




These guys should hold an annual challenge with the kids from Kerikeri...

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I wonder if our resident ynz evangelist could tell us all how much help, if any , ynz gave here? Seems to me something they should be supporting but of course no fancy office or money in it for them i guess.

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Guest Crew.orgy

I could see the reply YNZ would give...


They would transfer blame to thier funding bodies requirements, who would demand maximum brand profile exposure in the high population areas... namely Auckland and do not see northland as a priority


But they will never front this. Like they never front any issue regarding clubs growth.


Maybe Alingi could donate another shed for YNZ's headquarters....

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