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  1. ex Elly

    Coastal 2020

    On a normal year most boats would have been in well before 3pm. This year 16 finished before 1500, and 21 finished after that. If the finish boat could have stayed there for another hour or two, then most of those boats would have got proper finish times.
  2. ex Elly

    Coastal 2020

    Keen sailors kick off Coastal Classic, drawing attention of yachting's big guns https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/sport/other/keen-sailors-kick-off-coastal-classic-drawing-attention-yachtings-big-guns?fbclid=IwAR3UZGsyGHbVJ7K03bM8mg-xygo_WbjZeX0oPrbNJ-otKi2R9M7rH3-NaKs
  3. ex Elly

    Coastal 2020

    I guess with Covid, there were no big flash overseas boats. No chance of a record. Most boats pulled out. So nothing exciting for the media to cover. However there was an admirable battle by a bunch of boats to make the 3pm deadline, which could have been worth mentioning...
  4. Sensation Yachts' Australian-based owner Robert McVicker said the Henderson business' project manager was contacted by health officials on Wednesday night and told a supplier who visited their premises on The Concourse in Henderson last Friday had since tested positive for Covid. McVicker confirmed the supplier, who spoke to the project manger about installing electronics on a vessel, was from Albany-based Wright Technologies. It was McVicker's understanding one of Wright Technologies other employees had contracted the virus after working on a ship at the Port that had come from over
  5. Well Altex is made in NZ. But can they get the raw materials?
  6. ex Elly

    Coastal 2020

    Might be a lot of race yachts at Kawau tonight!
  7. ex Elly

    American Magic

    Yeah, except "today" was a month ago. ETNZ are not sailing at the moment. They have taken boat 1 out of commission and now prepping for the launch of boat 2.
  8. ex Elly


    Looks like INEOS Team UK are pretty proud of the bustle on Britannia II Bustle: Attached to the bottom of the hull, this has two functions. (1) During the take-off phase it helps lift the boat off of the water. (2) When the boat is foiling, the bustle closes the gap between the hull and the water surface, thus blocking the airflow going across the boat, and thus increasing the efficiency of the sails.
  9. 4 litres was just enough for my Tracker, so I think you would need more for a 9.2.
  10. Cartoon in today's Auckland herald -
  11. Sounds like this one? https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/listing/2785850289
  12. The Circle is complete Wed Oct 07 2020 At 1610 I crossed my outbound track, surging into Matiatia on a brisk Southwest wind. I rounded up in the lee of the headland, furling the genoa and dropped the main for the last time. After over a month at sea I felt like an albatross folding it wings as it returns to the land from its soaring across the boundless oceans. I have sailed two and a half thousand miles around New Zealand, through triumphs and disasters, challenges great and small, through happiness and despair. Through every emotion really. The hardest part has been dealing wi
  13. You can donate here: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/cavatinas-solo-circumnavigation-of-nz
  14. Will he make it home to Waiheke today?
  15. The Hole in the Wall Wed Oct 07 2020 It has been a fast close reach up the coast. At 0420 I pinch up past Ohinau Island and finally reach my waypoint 120 miles from East Cape. It’s been a long haul and a welcome arrival. Here I also pass through a place that signifies a homecoming for me from long ago. Ahead off the starboard bow lies Great Mercury Island, the home to where I was carried, through this passage, as a baby by my mother and where I grew up for the first twelve years of my life. The Hole In The Wall is so called because it is the one clear passage between the outl
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