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  1. ex Elly

    Pogo 36

    Look out for this new Pogo 36. Will likely be doing the SSANZ and other races. Review in the latest BoatingNZ mag. https://boatingnz.co.nz/boat-reviews/working-the-waves
  2. Squadron don't have this problem as their line has 2 ends for boats to round.
  3. Even worse, infrastructure getting removed!
  4. Actually you can put them in a washing machine. Just put them in a pillow case first. And use gentle detergents. Anything harsh can cause damage.
  5. Lyttelton community acts to stop spread of huge sea worms Local communities around Christchurch’s port are calling for urgent action to slow the spread of huge sea worms. “I can tell you now it’s catastrophic. He described the limited cleaning infrastructure currently offered for boats in Lyttelton as “abysmal”. It was especially difficult for recreational vessels larger than 10 tonnes because the club’s cleaning cradle could not hold them. Biosecurity New Zealand director of readiness and response John Walsh said the worms had been eradicated from other parts of the motu. “Tutu
  6. Propwalk, or maybe the shaft is on a slight angle?
  7. Malcolm Dickson’s third attempt at the Solo Trans Tasman Yacht Challenge has proven to be his best after taking line honours. There was a tight tussle for second, as Jim O’Keefe aboard Hullabaloo finished just 54 minutes ahead of Mike Carter on Allegresse. The International Rating Certificate handicap first place was won by Mark Hipgrave aboard Mister Lucky who finished in 10 days, 23 hours and 24 minutes. As a teenager, Dickson designed and built his first keel boat, Spindrift, in which he competed in the 1978 Ray White New Plymouth Solo Trans-Tasman race. He set up a boatyard in Nelso
  8. Its an app. Install it on your phone. See if you like it!
  9. French Embassy breaks silence over mystery discovery of French warship in Hauraki Gulf Speculation from a defence expert that it may have been hunting Chinese submarines operating near New Zealand waters. After questions from the Herald, the embassy released a statement this afternoon saying the ship was completing sea trials after two months of maintenance at a Devonport shipyard before returning to her home port in Noumea. However, the French Embassy says FS Vendémiaire was simply conducting sea trials after undergoing maintenance in Auckland and that its presence in domestic
  10. Good article on the skipper, and also the history of the Waitere https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/russell-ferry-collision-community-devastated-by-skippers-injuries-loss-of-historic-ferry/VVXSFVMWMRCQDJNEJHPWO6OSTA/
  11. When asked by Stuff what Vendémiaire was doing in New Zealand waters, the Defence Force replied with a brief email which said: “You would be best to contact the French Embassy about this.” The French embassy was not available for comment. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/300853963/sacre-bleu-coastguard-surprised-to-find-armed-french-warship-in-hauraki-gulf
  12. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/a-hell-of-a-bang-passenger-ferry-sinks-in-bay-of-islands-after-collision-with-launch-skipper-critically-hurt/M4I476RGU5EZHDJ36XRHZE24VQ/
  13. That ferry is the Tauranga-Mount ferry that I used to board with my bicycle in the school hols back in the 70s. It is run by an old guy who does it all himself - no crew. Skipper flown to Middlemore hospital.
  14. Strong Persuader is a Senior 10. Did the SSANZ series last year. Nice yacht. Hope it is salvageable. I thought I saw Psyche in Church bay on Sunday morning, and Bad Kitty down near Rocky bay in the evening.
  15. ex Elly

    Rocna is # 1 ??

    Rocna was number 1 about 10 years ago. Sarca Excel is now number 1. See this thread, especially the tests by former crew member Fish in Arkles Bay. Excel resets quicker than other anchors, and because it is convex comes up with less mud on it.
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