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  1. Also: - liferaft to be securely fitted, - drogue use needs to be practised by skipper, - don't sail in the SE quadrant of a low as that is the worst place (southern hemisphere)
  2. Essence yacht sinking: Storm covers could have prevented loss of life, Maritime NZ investigation finds An investigation into the fatal sinking of a yacht off the Northland coast has revealed storm covers - fitted to protect cabin windows - could have prevented loss of life. Safety regulations have now been updated to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future, Maritime NZ said. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/essence-yacht-sinking-storm-covers-could-have-prevented-loss-of-life-maritime-nz-investigation-finds/OUJXB276XEYRRYX4ZJWIF746MY/
  3. Also, read the existing thread on here: Fatality - Northland.
  4. The reports on Stuff were pretty positive on this result. All other media appear to be reporting it in a negative light.
  5. 2 years ago the rumour was that there would be no more leases - only rentals. At last night's WMUA meeting the rumour was that Panuku needs more money so would be offering 13 year leases to current berthholders. But nothing has been decided.
  6. Takes a very long time to fix some of these issues.
  7. Have a wander round the BOIYC at Waitangi this weekend. Ask anyone there if they know of anything.
  8. Good news that they are not increasing the 12 knot speed limit to 18 knots, as was proposed. Seems like they have listened to my feedback!
  9. Lithium grease on the drum. 3-in-1 oil on the pawls and teeth (no grease).
  10. Many retail and office buildings, boatyard, 46 marina berths, 187 drystack places, 159 carparks. Brings in 2.2 million per year. Make an offer! https://www.cbre.co.nz/properties/office/details/NZ-033585Q21/11-15-westhaven-drive-westhaven?view=isSale
  11. ex Elly


    Yes they did. All boats do "the 100", but there are different length courses for Smallboat, Shorthaul, and Longhaul. Results here: http://www.ssanzhist.co.nz/results.html?id=106 Looks like Tackhammer did the double - first on line, first on handicap, in Smallboat Light.
  12. Yeah, the video shows the security guard kicking the protester in the face. But at the start of the video there was another guard lying face down and slow to get up, so maybe assaults from both sides.
  13. How about hauling out at Little Shoal Bay? http://lsbboatyard.simplesite.com/ They use a tractor and trailer so beam should be no issue. Haul out, build a tent, get the mobile painter in...
  14. I think the trimaran would be too wide for Milford. Probably wouldn't squeeze through the pedestrian bridge.
  15. ex Elly


    Very entertaining book. Adrian Hayter was either very brave or very foolish. Imagine setting off on a long ocean journey with a leak knowing that you have to wake up every two hours to spend half an hour pumping the bilges. He also had an uncanny ability to find either a new girlfriend or the red light district in every port! Must have been quite the charmer. Those were interesting times after WWII, with the world in turmoil and trying to rebuild. And young guys who were shaped by their war experience had nothing to lose, and plenty of adventuring to do...
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