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  1. Woohoo - so we'll all be booking tickets to Christchurch, for Anniversary weekend next year then?
  2. It's on Anniversary weekend. There is a race up on the Friday night. Main day is Saturday 30 Jan. There are various events in the morning at Sullivans Bay (kayaks, dinghies, launches etc). Classic keel yachts race from 1pm. Band plays at Scotts Landing 6pm - 11pm. BYO food and drink. Race back to Auckland Sunday 10:30.
  3. More people are killed by bees and cows. But its good that crew.org has a resident shark spotter!
  4. Dozens of sharks spotted off popular Coromandel beach including a large group of hammerhead sharks Aerial photos showing dozens of sharks just off Matarangi Beach might surprise some people. But Whitianga resident Philip Hart often flies over the water and says seeing sharks is normal, with some just 50 to 100 metres away from surfers and swimmers. Yet the fear-inducing predators are more interested in fish, he says. Hart recently took aerial images, which show groups of bronze whalers – measuring about 1 to 2.5m long – and hammerhead sharks just off the popular and placid Corom
  5. Maybe try the Mangonui cruising club jetty?
  6. "Kate", the boat that Mike Delamore was raising money for is now sailing again, and there is an article in BoatingNZ. https://boatingnz.co.nz/waiheke-working-sail-trust/
  7. Older GPS devices are facing their own mini Y2K bug April 2019 https://www.theverge.com/2019/3/8/18255847/gps-week-rollover-issue-2019-garmin-tomtom-devices-affected
  8. Vandals ransack and loot luxury boat stranded on rocks The luxury pleasure boat salvaged from the Auckland Harbour last night was looted and ransacked while it sat stranded on rocks for days. Leather interiors were slashed, fittings were torn out and the fire extinguishers were sprayed through the boat, coating the interior of the craft in a caustic foam. Looters also stole all the alcohol that had been aboard the boat. The boat also suffered extensive damage to the exterior when it ran aground. Both engines were ripped from their mounts and the propellers were bent and broken. Mulg
  9. Jet ski boom on coasts increases risk of serious collisions, Water safety group says Once you could go to an isolated break in Raglan and find only a few surfers dotted amongst the surf. Now, it’s not unusual to find a crowd of jet skis vying for the best wave, Mark Haimona says. Jet skis are being increasingly used by surfers to access challenging breaks, Haimona said. “In Raglan, the locals are saying I don’t want to surf the points because everyone's there, I want to go and surf Mussel Rock. “I turn up there and my God, there's 10 other skis.” https://www.stuff
  10. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/intense-fire-flames-engulf-boat-in-bay-of-islands/EMC5AUY3RQIHFMFDMVGTP3YFQQ/
  11. You could potentially use the fuel dock next to the General store for a short while if its not busy.
  12. If you need a lot of stuff at good prices, then go to the Countdown at Waitangi. It is a proper supermarket. If you need a few things and don't mind the price, then the Opua General store, Paihia mini-Countdown, Paihia Four Square, or Russell Four Square will do.
  13. Enter here: https://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php?/rum_race.html/
  14. Sorry what I meant was Youtube 10 secs behind TV1. They are both about 1.5 - 2 minutes behind live action. On the water you have to listen to PJ on the AM radio for no-delay commentary.
  15. Youtube is about 10 seconds behind, and the picture quality not as good as TV1. However with TV1 as soon as the race finishes you get adverts, and miss the race recap highlights, plus the interview with the skipper. So what I do now is watch the race start to finish on TV1, then flick to Youtube for the between race bits. I guess it depends if you prefer Lester/Robertson or Read/Outteridge as well.
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