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  1. This is probably the most thoroughly detailed and researched NZ sailing book ever.
  2. I have seen fresh water flushing systems on yachts with raw water cooled engines. I guess it could work with a heat exchanger too.
  3. When the course says to round "The Noises", which islands are included? Do we round Maria Island, or just Otata?
  4. There is now: https://www.ssanz.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/2022-Triple-Series-Amendment-1-SI.pdf They have switched Evolution Sails 2 and 3 in the SIs, to make it consistent with the NOR, Entry Guide, and Entry Form. Flag colours remain the same.
  5. Should Farr 1020's have their own division?
  6. There has been a mixup with the divisions. Evolution Sails 2 and 3 are round the wrong way in the Sailing Instructions. So 24 boats have inadvertently entered the cruising division.
  7. Briefing at Akarana. Party at Motuihe.
  8. ex Elly

    Pier 21

    This is crazy. NZ's biggest marina, and no hardstand/ haulout nearby. How does this happen. Where is the planning, where is the foresight? We used to have sailmakers, riggers, boatbuilders, chandlers, bookshops. Now most are gone. Why didn't the council create a marine precinct with low rates and low rents only allowed for marine businesses? What a disaster!
  9. ex Elly

    Pier 21

    This is really bad news.
  10. ex Elly

    Pier 21

    And at Orams they have redeveloped the old hardstand area, so much less room for small yachts in the area sheltered by the buildings.
  11. "Under maritime law, the skipper has been fined the maximum amount of $200."
  12. Is it this one? Chasing Bubbles - The Documentary The true story of "the worst sailor to ever sail around the world."
  13. The new CEO said that they have to make around 1000 manual interventions per ship to get the automation to work. Seems problematic!
  14. Found this random comment in the NOR: " d and e need swapping so all multi stuff together"
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