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  1. So judging by the evidence, the new owner of crew.org is a Stewart 34 owner. And is also wealthy, or running the site as a hobby, since all the ads have gone!
  2. So it looks like a lot of minor tweaks that won't affect us. Biggest change is when starting or finishing is when the hull crosses the line (not the prod or kite any more).
  3. Thanks Cameron that's good info. Will try and track those down. Was also thinking of calling Share Delight, but doubt its for sale yet. Apart from new engine, some of these boats need topsides repainted as well.
  4. Sounds like the developers have stopped work now due to the protesters. There could be 30 or 40 penguin nests in the rock wall but maybe only 2 occupied.
  5. I am also looking for a 1020, but want one in good condition. Any leads?
  6. After being defeated at Westpark, looks like Simon Herbert is pushing ahead at Bayswater to "add more value"... $300m Bayswater Marina housing project launched Plans to develop part of a site beside an existing Auckland marina and ferry terminal have been downsized from 250 to 121 dwellings after strong local opposition. Marina owner Simon Herbert's business has applied to Auckland Council to develop 94 terraced homes and 27 apartments in three buildings at Bayswater Marina in a new scheme thought to be worth about $300 million. Around 350 people could live on the site unde
  7. ex Elly

    Boat rage

    A man facing charges after a boat-rage incident in a Coromandel Harbour remains on strict bail conditions for another month with his next appearance expected to result in a resolution. Arguing for a dismissal of the two charges relating to the vessel, he argued that Dixon had already “done his time” having been on “five weeks and five days” of strict bail conditions since this last appearance in March. Meanwhile former deputy principal of Tairua School Catherine Browning, 52, was granted dismissal. Under the diversion scheme if the offender completes agreed conditions the charge is withdr
  8. Some snippets from the herald article: Plans to develop Waiheke Island's first marina are opposed by Māori as well as rich-lister Bruce Plested, chairman and founder of Mainfreight with a $6.8 billion market capitalisation. Plested said he had given opponents SKP (previously called Save Kennedy Point) around $40,000 to pay for legal fees. "I just give SKP money so it's more of an even fight. We did a concert which raised about $40,000 for lawyers and I gave them an amount of money very similar to that three to six months ago." On March 9, Kennedy Point Boatharbour began construction
  9. To read premium you can install the Bypass Paywalls browser extension from here: https://github.com/iamadamdev/bypass-paywalls-chrome
  10. No, they are saying that you *may* need a reefing point at 50% of the luff on your mainsail for Cat 3.
  11. Developers are building a marina there, but some of the locals don't like it. "Kennedy Point marina will require boats to use only very low or no-copper paints." https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/124664510/court-to-campout-fouryear-fight-to-stop-waiheke-marina-culminates-in-occupation
  12. Tracker is here: https://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/race/TYPBC Looks like the Tiri channel option has paid dividends for Carpe Diem
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