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  1. ex Elly


    Burling and his team have missed out on the $3 million prize. They have already won over 2 mil though... https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/350342031/spain-win-sailgp-grand-final-day-national-sporting-glory
  2. Looks like some new courses this year. Was getting a bit repetitive heading out the Motuihe channel every time.
  3. Good interview with Lisa Blair on RNZ this morning: https://podcast.radionz.co.nz/qday/qday-20180604-0940-antarctic_solo_sailing_record_holder_lisa_blair-128.mp3 https://www.rnz.co.nz/national/programmes/queensbirthday/audio/2018647776/solo-sailor-lisa-blair-s-epic-journey
  4. ex Elly


    Burling not happy with race 3. He finally got a good start, and then about a minute later the race was abandoned. He was saying something about races in Abu Dhabi being started in light winds and not abandoned. There is a 16 minute time limit, so why not let it play out?
  5. Make sure it is a southern hemisphere compass, otherwise it won't work properly.
  6. So only $60 a year to register your boat? Not so bad then!
  7. ex Elly


    “We were just as shocked as anyone,” Slingsby said. “We were just going upwind and got out to a nice lead and were happy until the wing inverted the wrong way. “There was a button malfunction. Essentially the boat registered that a button had been pressed which hadn’t been. When this button on the boat malfunctions and it inverts the wing it’s pretty much an instant capsize. “We saw this happen with the US team in Bermuda, but the difference is that theirs was caused by human error — someone accidentally pressing the button to invert the wing — whereas ours was caused by the tec
  8. The Stewart 34 in the photo above (Panacea) is now for sale - open to offers.
  9. Harbourmaster hard at work at Torbay yesterday
  10. Some good footage of what happened to a liveaboard yachtie in Tutukaka recently. He had no gas detector. TV3, First Responders, season 2 episode 3. https://www.threenow.co.nz/shows/first-responders/season-2-ep-3/1713218618042/M85137-515
  11. Fullers, Vessev, launch ‘world’s first electric hydrofoiling tourism vessel’ onto Auckland Harbour “You’ll be able to talk on a cellphone or give a presentation at 20 knots, which you can’t on a regular boat,” the Fullers chief executive says. “It’ll be very stable.” The zero-emission, carbon fibre laminate VS-9 has partial foiling from 12 knots, reducing pitch-and-roll motion and “takes off” to full-foiling mode waves at 18-19 knots. If all goes well, Fullers plans to work with Vessev on a 100-passenger, 19m version. Horne says that could be hydrogen or electric-powered, a
  12. 5 years unpainted. 30 years painted.
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