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  1. Watching the "Newshub Investigation" on 3 last night, the survivors said the conditions had improved, wind was only 10 knots, and they got hit by a rogue wave. However the helicopter crews said the conditions were challenging. Sounds like fuel was an issue, and they may have been able to pick up the others in the water if they had more fuel. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2022/newshub-investigates-the-enchanter-tragedy-.html
  2. A16 Little Jim (1934) did the coastal a few years ago.
  3. Yes, that sounded very underhanded. The way Tom Whidden tells it, the rule stated the keel had to be designed in competitors country, but Lexcen said he designed it in Holland. So maybe USA were right on that?
  4. Cat 3 required. Don't think there are any exemptions.
  5. Listen to the Tom Whidden podcast to get the other side of the story: https://shirleyrobertson.com/podcast/ He reckons that Australia had a faster boat, and should have won easily but were outsailed by USA, who won more starts and had better tactics. USA took a punt on a new designer, but when the boat was built it didn't measure, so they had to go back to NYYC to ask for more money. When the third boat was built it was no faster than their boat from the previous cup.
  6. There is an exemption from the dolphin rules for CC competitors during the race. Exception ends on Saturday 3pm.
  7. And now one more withdrawal. Capt Coconut (the Aussie) has pulled out at the Canary Islands, so he can go to his son's wedding. Now there are 13.
  8. ex Elly

    She's Back...

    Dead seal found at Westhaven but sadly it's not Owha. https://i.stuff.co.nz/environment/300691446/leopard-seal-found-dead-at-aucklands-westhaven-marina
  9. Sadly one of them has hit the rocks. Guy deBoer the American entry went aground on a lee shore on Fuerteventura, just after the drop point. He is safe not injured, but the boat is being pounded by surf. Most of the others have passed the first drop point in the Canary Islands, now heading for Trinidad Island, in SW Atlantic.
  10. @marinheiro any tips on this?
  11. Umm correction, the Golden Globe Race (single-handed) GGR2022 has just started. The Ocean Globe Race (fully crewed) starts next year. Can you change the title for this thread?
  12. Two men who scuttled vessel in Waiheke Island marine reserve and misled investigators fined $40,000 in Environment Court Two men who sank a vessel in a marine reserve near Waiheke Island have been fined $40,000 in court. John Peter Lenssen and Cain Subritzy were found guilty in the Environment Court of deliberately scuttling Blue Beard off Whakanewha Regional Park in 2019, Auckland Council said. They were fined $20,000 each and ordered to remove the wreck and any other items from the bottom of the seabed within three months. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/two-men-who-scuttle
  13. Good information, thanks!
  14. Classique will be familiar to many Westhaven sailors, as being the biggest vessel on the moorings on the northern side of the harbour. Many times we had to tack around Classique on the beat back to the finish line (inside for Richmond, outside for Squadron due to their differing sailing insstructions). Classique also damaged several other yachts by dragging onto them in that storm. The other owners were not amused.
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