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  1. Yep, the boat ramps are very busy this morning. Fizz boats galore!
  2. $300m Bayswater Marina scheme out for public notification - documents on council site Plans for the $300 million 121-apartment project at Bayswater Marina have today been publicly notified. Auckland Council's website now shows the details of the scheme for the North Shore land owned by Bayswater Marina Holdings, part of Simon and Paula Herbert's Empire Capital business. Application is being made for resource consent to redevelop the existing marina reclamation land with public open spaces, landscaping, apartments, terraced housing, commercial activities and parking in the Bayswa
  3. A gas inspector I talked to a month ago.
  4. Yep, my friend just bought a boat where the gas bottle just lies in the bilge under the gas oven!
  5. Regarding explosions due to califonts: apparently only 2 boats in Australia and none in NZ. If you isolate the califont when not in use, shouldn't be a problem.
  6. Team NZ designer Laurie Davidson dies https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/americas-cup/126593259/team-nz-designer-laurie-davidson-dies Team New Zealand and America's Cup legend Laurie Davidson dies aged 94 https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/sailing-team-new-zealand-and-americas-cup-legend-laurie-davidson-dies-aged-94/UWZDXBM52T42VPM3COKI44NGMA/
  7. I think a trolling motor is something different. They can be hooked up to a gps fish finder, to keep the boat stationery over a sea mount, or move the boat with the school. You probably just want a standard electric outboard. Brands like Torqueedo and ePropulsion. Have you seen this thread?
  8. Skipper plans to collect stranded Kiwis to sail from Sydney to NZ, avoiding MIQ Kiwis stranded in Australia might have a way to get back to New Zealand for Christmas without having to go through managed isolation and quarantine, if sailor David Mason has anything to do with it. Mason is looking to assemble a crew to sail a 40ft yacht from Sydney to Opua, in the Bay of Islands, in the process circumventing any stay in MIQ. It does, however, mean they will have to “go against every sailor’s instinct” and slow their voyage which would usually take seven to eight days, Mason said.
  9. You can also set up a diesel heater like a califont, so you get near-instant hot water, and no need for hot water cylinder.
  10. New poll favours Team NZ defending America's Cup offshore A new poll shows New Zealanders don’t want the America’s Cup defended at home at an increased cost to the tax payer. The poll, commissioned by Team New Zealand to gauge public sentiments as the hosting process intensifies, showed there was just 26 per cent of respondents in favour of the champion syndicate defending the America’s Cup in New Zealand “with significant increase in public/tax payer investment”. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/americas-cup/126442680/new-poll-favours-team-nz-defending-americas-cup-offshore-withou
  11. Team NZ's Grant Dalton wants to know who is behind home defence plan Team New Zealand head Grant Dalton has demanded to know which overseas interests might be connected with a private sector bid to keep the next America’s Cup defence in Auckland. Dalton has written to businessman Mark Dunphy who is fronting the campaign, specifically asking about contact with former billionaire team owners Larry Ellison, Ernesto Bertarelli and Patrizio Bertelli. “Can you clarify your intentions, and the nature of any conversation, regarding the approaches made to solicit the support of the New Y
  12. Two boats run aground on Mayor Island https://www.sunlive.co.nz/news/277183-two-boats-run-aground-on-mayor-island.html Apparently they've been towed off now.
  13. They used to say that the best way to restore the waterproofing on breathable gear, is to put it in the tumble drier (not too hot).
  14. ex Elly


    Don't know about mobile, but on a PC, when you click Create New Topic, you see 2 tabs: Content and Poll:
  15. What if I want to go to the shop or pub though?
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