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Easterly 30 Mooring Cleat

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I have an Easterly 30 on a swing mooring in Okahu Bay Auckland. This is a high wave energy area and the bolt securing the front cleat has been snapped.


Any advice I can get on the best system to rebuild the front would be appreciated.


loa 9.14m

lwl 7.31m

boa 3.04m

draft 1.7m

displacement 4330kg

ballast 1070kg

sail area 37m2

designer Claude Alan Smith

year designed 1970

numbers in NZ (approx) 30

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Kevin, got any pics? THE bolt - there is only one? I'd expect it is corrosion, or possibly work hardening of a single bolt being continuously slightly flexed by the loads. Is there any sign of the cleat having moved at all, or of corrosion?

Ideally the fixture should have 4 bolts, with decent backing plates..... Is the cleat mounted on deck so the bolt/s are in shear, or on the front of a bulkhead (like in the anchor well) so they are in tension?? Again, I pic would really help us to help you!! :)

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Thanks Island Time

I deliberately didn't want to post pics or describe the current arrangment, because I'm after the best solution. So I'd like to learn. It sounds like four bolts and a substantial backing plate would be good. But what dimensions and how to fix that into the structure? In the last storm I saw a boat washed up on the rocks that had had the whole front of it ripped out. The front of the boat was probably still attached to the mooring. So it's that I want to avoid.

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Ok, is the forestay attached to the bow roller fitting?


Are you looking to only attach the mooring cleat, or are you wanting to completely re-do the bow arrangement, including forestay attachment, bow rollers and cleat?


It's difficult to help you without knowing the design arrangement off the bow - what bulkheads are there, what frames, whats the deck made of and how thick, is there a deck accessed anchor locker...


No such thing as an indestructible fitting...

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Thanks again Island Time

I see what you mean. I think I'll have to go and take some photos. I see from the various Easterly 30 photos I have of other boats that there are differences between them. I've just spoken to a boat builder who owns one who thinks I should get a maltese cross bollard with 4 bolts and secure it properly, but will need to see the boat and see if it will interfer with the chain winch. If you can recommend a couple of good boat builders in Auckland?


You can see I'm still pretty new to this sort of thing.

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No worries Kevin, there are a couple of boat builders on here that I'm sure will reply. Sorry no personal recommendations from experience, as I normally do this stuff myself...


Feel free to ask any more questions on here, or post your pics :D



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