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wanted young 88 or farr 1020 kite

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Any one contacted you about the kite yet? I would post something on the Y88 facebook page too.


I was looking at the Racetrack for you and Unitec as I was surprised you guys were in different divisions. He actually rates higher than you on race track so why is he in the lower division? 

Are they going to put you guys in the same one this series?

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hi boo boo 

Still hunting for a big kite.


he's in the same division as us this year. We had sycronised trailer trash broaches going on last sunday when we both got a puff at the wing mark with big gennakers up.

They had more crew than us and tidied up faster so beat us on line but we got them on handicap.


We are actually very similar in terms of boat speed up wind and flat off.I reckon Unitec planes a bit more easily and a bit earlier than us.


should be a good winter series. 



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