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Sheeting angles for self tacking jib

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My 830 is missing it's jib track and car system, I have the brackets however.

I am going to go with an overlapper for racing but seeing as how it came with two new self tacking jibs and I will be cruising a fair bit with small kids I thought it couldn't hurt to install the self tacking system in the refit. 

I don't however, want the lower leg remover type setup which attaches to the stanchions, and I'm not so sure they need to go that far out anyway seeing as the sheeting angles are so narrow.

Can anyone shed some light on the maximum practical angle or distance from centreline that they typically sheet their self tacking jibs?

My hope is to laminate up a low profile curved support bolted and glassed into the cabin top behind the hatch that doesn't impede into the side decks - but feel free to ruin my dreams with hard facts of course!


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On the 930, Redline, Stu cut the ends off the track so it stopped just past the cabin line. Saved quite a few shins. However the S/t jibs never set very well when reaching after that cause you can't get the car far enough out away from the centreline. I suspect the 830 is very similar to the 930?? Stu might have a photo, chime in Stu......



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if you take the track to the cabin side you should be all good.

I have the full length track on my 780 and its great for cruising though as we spend most of our time reaching. I also have a fractional zero on a furler (made from an old no1) which I use heaps cruising too.  

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