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LPG Gas Setup

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Trying to get my head round a versatile setup for on board gas. I want to run a 4kg bottle for cooking. I'd like to be able to run the galley cooker and the bbq in the cockpit at the same time. I'd also like to run the bbq either off the boat with the same bottle or in the other hull if necessary. The bbq has a line and regulator attached, as does the. The cooker line.

Seems to me that I need Some sort of double tee that I can screw on to the bottle that makes use of both regulators. Does that exist? I appreciate that something like that could be potentially unsafe if I ran the bbq only while the cooker was still plumbed in.


So it seems to me also that someone else must have solved this problem before me!

All ideas, comments, suggestions advice appreciated

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Scottie, it's probably a bit of a longer system in your boat than mine, but here is how mine works. Single bottle in vented locker (well, one bottle at a time, there are two in there. The regulator feeds a T, one arm goes to the oven, the other to another T, and one arm of that goes to a domestic gas bayonet fitting for the BBQ, the other arm goes to the gas water califont. All can be run at any time, together or alone, from the one bottle...


Does that help?


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We have exactly the same situation but I went for the easy option - two gas bottles and the same screw on regulator fitting on both the BBQ and the galley cooktop. Makes it easy to take the BBQ somewhere else to use if required, and there is the bonus of having more than enough gas capacity to do everything.

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