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  1. You would need the battens in the bag to be far enough aft to replicate the same position for the zip system to work.
  2. How old is the dodger? If the clear is getting cloudy on the dodgers first life cycle then spend the money and replace the clear. They typically last 5-7 years in our UV. If the dodger has already had a window replacement you could change the clear again but the base fabric will at this stage be not very waterproof and need reproofing on about a 3 month basis just to keep the rain out - basically its buggered and you are wasting your money, get a new dodger.
  3. That and an external cover that's close fit while allowing an air gap keeping the rain off
  4. Little Shoal Bay Boat Yard have a trailer for hauling GBEs on, Its both tide and future booking dependant. A GBE is too wide/heavy to truck Hiab as TL suggested. PM if you want more info.
  5. Try Dave Blair https://www.facebook.com/BlairBoats/
  6. Does it have any weaponry or are they only allowed to engage with tersely worded emails? or a down vote on Crew.org!!!
  7. I use a Fergi buoy but only as a float for the mooring system. I would not have on on a leaner because of the bow smashing issues but for a cat it is far better than a standard buoy system. When we leave the mooring the bridle clips onto the top of the buoy which keeps all the growy bits off the handling end of lines and also makes them easy to reach when we get back. We just motor one bow to the buoy, drop its top loop onto a temporary cleat while we unclip the bride and make it fast to the mooring cleats. We do not have it set up so the bridles runs up through the buoy as this can have chaf
  8. Smile and remember there was that one time while we were racing Sunny that it was done for you without you even asking .....😎
  9. Well done IT, it might become fun visiting and contributing again. Another Moderator or two would ease your admin here to filter the noise while keeping the forums interesting. Maybe, Why dont you have an election, If you want to be a Mod then apply. IT then puts a list of candidates up and we have a poll - one vote per sign-in - a most votes wins blind poll.
  10. I would like to see whoever is in charge of the place put a whole bunch of controllable webcams on it.
  11. Who can tell me whats going on at Bean Rock. I noticed yesterday but didn't get a pic. There is a big work platform up on legs out there. Only saw it from a distance so it was hard to tell how close it is etc to the light, Is it getting another refit , new piles or is there a wharf being built there for easy access when it gets turned into an exclusive B & B.
  12. They bring back memories of the famous cone of silence.
  13. Hell yes, these guys are the place to go.
  14. In the above instance and accident not your fault, but you have no wof, do you expect the police would overlook that? In one instance I know of the at fault vehicle was well illegal (no WOF, insurance, unlicensed et etc etc) The innocent T-boned vehicle's insurance company decided the out of WOF parameters was not a determining factor in the occasion and paid out, the Police also left it alone.
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