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  1. Yeah i really like that idea - Entering without the commitment - almost an expression of interest so you can see who else will be there. As more people do that the hype builds and more people wanna be there. (Snowball effect)
  2. Smoke Wagon entering Sport Boat division - and yes Booboo - You should do that. Tyler will definitely be sailing with us.
  3. Smoke Wagon will be there! Just awaiting Top Yacht fixing an issue there end before it can enter
  4. Sadly not sorry - all sold at the time.
  5. Marshy

    Boat rage

    You cant tell me there isnt more to it than the video - those two know each other because the lady is caught saying "He lives over there" - and she was pretty bloody quick to jump to names and swing the oar at his direction. Meanwhile the guy holding the boat isnt stepping in or saying anything. Im claiming there is an old arguement at play there too. and its not the first altercation.
  6. Predict wind also shows some history - could try emailing their support and seeing if they have older data than they publish? Are you wanting it for Auckland i assume?
  7. Marshy

    Saint Stefan

    It sat in the corner of the Halfmoon Bay Marina hardstand for years and years and got a little neglected- believe it was for sale through one of the brokers at the time.
  8. All sorted thanks team. Found one more tin so we are done! Photos to come soon.
  9. Hi Guys To finish off a little lockdown project I need some International Perfection Paint - Mediterranean White to match the rest of the boat. But International have a few supply issues getting hold of that colour as it comes from Europe. (Unless I buy a trade pack of 5 litres or whatever). Before i go down that road - does anyone in Auckland have any? Happy to buy it off you. Get in touch if you do - Marshy 021 746 129
  10. IT - If you happen to stumble across another set of second hand wind gear please let me know. Looking at setting up a portable wind gear system for the race management team at the club.
  11. Often with a composite hull those through hulls can just be sikaflexed on the inside of the hull. Worked fine on Mercenary. Try it before you cut a hole...
  12. Side windows yes to tinted. Just a nicer look i think too from the outside. In the launch (Darn can i say that word here) - clear in the front, tinted is a bugger to see out of at night when driving inside. Or on the Smoke wagon the windows are non existent (Or one could say heavily tinted white fibreglass colour)... If you go downstairs on it, your not there for the view and dont wanna spend too long!
  13. I think people are forgetting how wide the term "Silicone" goes. Dow Corning 795 is the go to adhesive for windows, Glass, Perspex, Polycarbonate etc - it works on it all and is awesome. Selleys All Clear - not so much... Each adhesive has its use cases and they are normally designed for a use case. A blanket rule saying no silicon on a boat is crazy.
  14. Got one in our place, Really like it - nice staying in a shower that stays warm too! - i.e. the warmth doesnt escape meaning you dont need the water as hot.
  15. I would highly recommend against a single endless gennaker sheet... If you have a cock up (which happens when going quick and rushing things) its very hard to unstitch it all. You want to be able to un-tie a single sheet while the other is loaded up. the 18's can do it because tehy arent changing kites, and its rigged up on the beach and left rigged up - plus issues = swim immediately. whereas on our boat it means a spilt beer and a tidy up. We think Smoke wagon is 700kg (just checked and Steve T says 760kg as launched so might be lighter than that now we have done some lightening u
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