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  1. General recalls should be avoided where possible. They are a tool us Race Officers will only use when we cant clearly identify all boats that are over. I have personally done an individual recall where all boats were over except one. He got a nice start as soon as the rest of the fleet peeled off and came back to the start line to undo their wrongs... We were able to clearly identify all 14 other boats that were over the line prior to the gun. I will say though even a slight deviation to the transit on the line makes a big difference. If you are sighting the line on the committee boat e
  2. A good trick for splicing these thin ropes is using a thin piece of welding wire folded in half. Push it up the rope the wrong way then slot the tuck into the folded bit and pull the core back in - rather than using a fid to push it through. A bit like this:
  3. Try put a wedge under the cleat - it doesnt need to be the same height as the rope but the angled wedges you get from burnsco etc for the cleats will just tilt the cleat a little making it easier to get the rope in. https://www.burnsco.co.nz/ronstan-wedge-kits
  4. I'll take it if no one else has - let me know your poison, and ideally would pickup from Westhaven but can do either :-) Chris 021 746 129
  5. When i bought Mercenary it had inline jumpers too - and a reasonably large roached main that caught the backstay when gybing. We swept the jumpers aft (and i actually converted it to cathedral) but just swept aft jumpers can help hold the top up long enough to flick the backstay off the top of the main - it is a trade off in that the main cant ease quite as far at the top - but something to consider. Otherwise its running topmast backstays...
  6. If you remind me tomorrow Booboo i might have a frame already bent up that could work. The old Bimini top off the flybridge of the launch when we converted to hard top might be close to your measurements.
  7. Was built by Phizzle (Phil from UK Sail Makers in Whangarei) He has some good stories for that boat too! Give him a call and have a yarn with him while he is locked down!
  8. I have just pulled a genuine Volvo Penta one out from my launch - was a downstairs helm station so lived inside in the dry all its life. If anyone needs a new one get in touch. I like rum
  9. Used Dow Corning 795 on all my boats to date - including the launch with both Acrylic and Glass windows - easy to work with and never had an issue.
  10. Yeah i really like that idea - Entering without the commitment - almost an expression of interest so you can see who else will be there. As more people do that the hype builds and more people wanna be there. (Snowball effect)
  11. Smoke Wagon entering Sport Boat division - and yes Booboo - You should do that. Tyler will definitely be sailing with us.
  12. Smoke Wagon will be there! Just awaiting Top Yacht fixing an issue there end before it can enter
  13. Sadly not sorry - all sold at the time.
  14. Marshy

    Boat rage

    You cant tell me there isnt more to it than the video - those two know each other because the lady is caught saying "He lives over there" - and she was pretty bloody quick to jump to names and swing the oar at his direction. Meanwhile the guy holding the boat isnt stepping in or saying anything. Im claiming there is an old arguement at play there too. and its not the first altercation.
  15. Predict wind also shows some history - could try emailing their support and seeing if they have older data than they publish? Are you wanting it for Auckland i assume?
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