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bundaberg to Akl

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It may pay to check with the Aussies Where and When they will clear you out. They used to be quite flexible even if still more anal than most but when I took big steel across I found they have dramatically cut the places and hours down. Even the radio station I was told to call had been cut back to 9 til 5, which was an arse when the best radio time was 6-7 and explained why I couldn't raise anything Aussie for over a week. All in the name of cost savings. They saved more by not telling anyone of the changes.


So I think it could be wise to ask. You may have to get down to Brissy but then the ladies did say Bundaburg is the busiest port for cruisers entering and leaving Aussie so that may mean clearances are available there still.


Bundy gets nearly 15% of what Opua gets each year :)

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Yes thanks for that I have spoken to customs in Bundy and they were pretty good they clear you out at the river mouth , easier than up in town. but will check with Southport also before I go , much easier to get everything sorted while still at home with easy internet etc.

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we made it/// arrived in Opua from Bundy Saturday after 11 days and back in Akl yesterday , Wednesday morning. Reasonable trip stayed on course pretty much all the way, top speed 17 knots surfing with tail winds and only the staysail up on day 4 .Big thanks to my crew Colin Michael Graham (far too many front names for one person) who didn,t give up when before leaving we found that the new autopilot we had bought was not going to be working. No autopilot and only 2 on board hand steering was pretty tiring at times but often the boat would steer herself and a few times we were fore reaching , for a rest, with staysail and boom only trimmed as if going to windward and the helm up as if tacking. Boat would sail at 1.5 to 2 knots and still stay on our 120 SE course, I think there was a third man on the helm a few times. Worst weather was once we got behind great exhibition bay 45 + SW  again we were fore reaching on course along that bay with the occasional wave on the roof, welcome home! Next day we contacted customs to seek shelter , they were ok but we couldn,t even get into the wind 6 miles to shelter in Matai bay and ended up in Whangaroa later in the day when the wind dropped to 30 or so.  Somehow I ended up leaving with a set of rain gear that was not water proof and dreaming at times of dry pants, ( only 1 pair of jeans and some thermals, ) after arriving in Opua what do you think I found under a saloon seat , only 2 pairs of wet weather pants, will see if I can put up a photo later  dave

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