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When to remove staples - dinghy build

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So for a plywood dinghy build over male mould, when do you remove the staples?


I figure I will staple to just beyond 50mm from each join, fibreglass the joins with 100mm DB tape.


The next bit has me worried. Can I then remove all of the staples from the bottom sections to the chine and glass that surface then once cured remove the staple from the sides and glass?


Will the hull generally stay the right shape hugging the mould once the joins are done?




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Both ideas sound great. Thanks. It is for a Javelin hull so the side panels rotate through a fair old angle.


The only question I have is how to separate the hull from the mould if I have left the staples in or glued it? The glue I can imagine would separate as long as I'm not to generous with it but the staples will be acting in shear when pulling the hull off the mould?


I think I need to build a 1/10th model to check all this stuff out.

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Cheers for that. The other option I have read about is using thin copper wire threaded through holes in the ply and twisted tight around the mould stringers. It was left in place until glassed over and then heated to melt the epoxy touching the copper so it could be slid free. Might be worth a try in the high stress areas.

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