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Lost single handed sailor

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That seriously injured comment paints a potentially nasty aspect, that's just not nice.


But as IT says he went out on the job and a job he liked doing by the looks, that's about the only nice angle to it all.

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I remember Ed Hillary commenting on the "went out doing what he loved" theory. He thought it was crap.

By definition any climber that was any good would die in their bed. He did have a point!

This is in no way a derogatory comment on the death of this poor guy.

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This was his 17th crossing of the Atlantic. He's fallen overboard , but the 'injured' comment makes me think he's been hit , had a gybe or similar. A bit like Eric Tabarly when Pen Duicks gaff swept him overboard.

Pretty remarkable man , he's built that boat ,a 12 M, relatively recently 2005?... 7? and had no motor all of that time . I read that recently he'd had a motor fitted but couldn't confirm that.

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