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  1. I have a Stormr Strykr jacket which I bought a few years ago. The idea is it uses 2mm neoprene with a fibrepile liner. The intention is that it is warm and also provides buoyancy. I think it's a great idea however the neoprene soaks up water which then leaks through. When I use it now I put a light raincoat on over it. https://stormrusa.com/product/new-strykr-jacket/
  2. I use Sikkens oil. Hsle for the base and Filter 7 for top coat. It's not as sharp as varnish but rub it with a cloth and put another coat on easy as.
  3. I guess lying on deck on a warm summer's night contemplating the vastness of space is about to become a thing of the past !
  4. You've done a great job on your boat. Putting your heart and soul into a boat is a great way to make it a part of the family. I doubt you'll regret it.
  5. I have a samsung tablet. I would love it if it wasn't for the warning that comes up when it see's moisture in the usb port. Dumbest thing ever. You can't bypass it and it won't charge until it THINKS it is dry. Mine has been in the hot water cupboard for a week and it still thinks it's wet.
  6. I had an incident a few weeks ago where a large red launch (called Red Express) would have run me down if I hadn't taken evasive action. I contacted the harbourmaster with the name of the boat, time of day and location. I got a notification it was received. Nothing since. Nobody was hurt: not interested.
  7. 30 years ago I remember sailing on Eric Wings Marimba 2. He had two 9kg gas bottles inside the boat beside the stove. He had a hose connected to the blow off valves of both bottles venting over the side. His view was, Do the cooking, turn off the bottle. The only potential danger was the bottle overheating or being overfilled and the blow off valve letting go. Hence the hose on the valve. I can't see a flaw in his logic. I doubt it would come anywhere near passing gas regs. I am horrified listening to everyone saying that electric is the way to go now. It's getting harder and harder
  8. Hi KM not sure what you mean
  9. This is what it could be. But not for the faint hearted or impecunios
  10. I"ve been using it for a few years. I think it works well, especially at the price.
  11. Hi I have just replaced my oven. I have an MSF 4 burner stove for sale. It goes. However it is fairly old and only has a thermocouple on the oven. I also have a 4 burner Mariner princess which has thermocouples but is really only suitable for parts. Call me on 021950766 and make me an offer for them. They will be in a skip in a couple of weeks if nobody is interested.
  12. The one in the back is a pensioner
  13. Aren't you one of he moderators ?
  14. It's not nice to discuss an old girls weight !
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