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  1. That's a lot of help !! A friend of mine runs the Delta world's at Mahurangi every year. Great dinghies
  2. Gday I'm looking for a Delta Sailing dinghy. I don't need a trailer but it must be in good nick 021950766 Cheers
  3. I'm no great fan of the cycle bridge as I'm sure something better and more cost effective could be done , however 700m for a bridge that could last for 100 years versus 200m for a rich mans pissing contest which may / probably will be gone in 3 years. I know which one I'd back
  4. I think the next cup will be 2023 not 2024 as that is the olympics which they don't want to clash with
  5. Here's a clever idea for simplifying the boat.
  6. I have a Mariner princess 4 burner which I have kept for spares. I am happy to sell it if somebody wants to make me a decent offer.
  7. Watching the youtube coverage is way better than TVNZ. I like Peter Lester and the couple of others that know something, but the rest are just awful
  8. The biggest problem the "bureacracy" has to deal with is figuring out who is telling the truth. Because they can't trust everyone they therefore must trust no one. Obviously some people are inconvenienced, but that's life. By getting on crew NYS has used up some of his boring time in MIQ, so that's a positive.
  9. I have put an ad on trademe for an almost complete set of Sea Sprays. I won't split them sorry https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2817433567&ed=true
  10. It's interesting that on this site there is a lot of sympathy for cruisers from the islands. On SA I don't see much sympathy for them.
  11. The clunk also doesn't seem to affect the revs, so it must be something loose that is banging on a housing as it goes past maybe in the saildrive housing? Will be fascinating to know what it is
  12. nilodor.you can get it from the chemist
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