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  1. The one in the back is a pensioner
  2. Aren't you one of he moderators ?
  3. It's not nice to discuss an old girls weight !
  4. Hi David. Can you give me a call please 021950766
  5. I suspect that this is more aimed at Rivieras and fizzies than yachts that are in most cases slower than any dolphin or orca.
  6. Totally agree BP. Anyone who has stayed away on their boat overnight has lost any moral right to criticise the covid response.
  7. They are a cool idea. The original was amazing. The biggest drawback is that they are only a few metres above the water doing 500 knots ! Not sure I would want that on the Hauraki gulf.
  8. That's a lot of help !! A friend of mine runs the Delta world's at Mahurangi every year. Great dinghies
  9. Gday I'm looking for a Delta Sailing dinghy. I don't need a trailer but it must be in good nick 021950766 Cheers
  10. I'm no great fan of the cycle bridge as I'm sure something better and more cost effective could be done , however 700m for a bridge that could last for 100 years versus 200m for a rich mans pissing contest which may / probably will be gone in 3 years. I know which one I'd back
  11. I think the next cup will be 2023 not 2024 as that is the olympics which they don't want to clash with
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