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Rotoiti Classic: trailer yacht race with a difference

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Rotoiti Classic 21  November 2015


For this years Rotoiti Classic the courses have been selected to allow for more corners and tactical decisions with some different landmarks chosen to send the fleet around. We are offering short, medium and long haul formats and naturally allowing for some after race socialising. 

The 'Classic' course will come in three lengths, Short, Medium and Longhaul. The smallboat course is designed to allow smaller boats to compete and have a cruising feel to it. They will do one lap of the lake. The medium caters for the mid size trailer yachts and will be based on two laps of the lake. Larger trailer yachts, 
other approved yachts and trailer tri's will go further (afield) completing three laps of the lake to really test the endurance of the competitors.


Entry open to Trailer Yachts, trailer tri’s and other approved yachts.


A Division NZTYA 0.860> 3 Laps Lake Rotoiti (about 50 miles)

B Division NZTYA 0.859Lake Rotoiti (about 34 miles)

C Division Open to all trailer yachts 1 Lap Lake Rotoiti (about 17 miles)


Catch up with the Notice of Race on BOPTYS Website; http://www.boptys.net/


Race organisers:


BOP Trailer Yacht Squadron

PO Box 2263, Rotorua




Brad Scott

Acting Commodore

Promotion Poster for Rotoiti Classic 2015.pdf

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Really looking forward to this event, be great to see a lot of out of towners get over for this event, good to see a distance race on safe waters, with only just over 2 months to go, it's time to dust off the sailing kit, give ya mates a call and make a weekend of it!

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Love Rotoiti.  Sailed it early 70s with the folks in a Hartley 16 along with another family in a sistership.  The toilet block in Honeymoon Bay would have been nice back then.....

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Elevation has entered.

Zpett I have been a member of BOPTYS for about 16 years don't know anything about red rooster flags.

Will ask some of the "real old" members tomorrow night we have a lake race.

Be great if you are able to come and compete

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