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Rumour and speculation has led me to believe that completing a boat sale in New Caledonia (privately) can be done with zero tax or duty implications.


I've spent some time trying to verify this today and yielded nada.


I'll be cruising the South Pacific again this year and intend to put the boat on the market after we leave NZ (where we are bona fide visitors).  I thought that New Caledonia could be a good option (0% tax/duty), and Australia second best (15%)... and NZ a poor third (21%).


(Incidentally, I'm talking about a 40' cruising cat)



Anyhoo... can anyone shed light on the situation in New Caledonia when it comes to buying/selling there?


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OK, long story short, you can sell your boat in New Caledonia tax free...


MOST countries stipulate that you can not sell your boat without first importing it. New Caledonia doesn't.


ie. You can enter the country on a short term stay visa, sell your boat to any non-New Cal resident, and there are no special hoops you need to jump because of your geography.



Thats basically what I've been informed by a local yacht services agent in New Caledonia.


Now you know what I think I know.

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Presumably any foreign buyer will still have local taxes to pay when they bring the boat to their home country and will "allow" for that when making an offer

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