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  1. Looks like the changes are continuing and none good. Just received my renewal from Baileys/Vero policy. Premium has increased 20% and been switched from agreed to market value on basis of being over 30yrs. Baileys tell me they cannot issue new policies for boats over 30 yrs but will (for now) be able to continue existing policies, subject to these changes. Believes that all 3 recent losses (Riviera on the reef, BOI and Taupo fires) were all covered by Vero so that is this year's profit gone, which probably means another premium increase next year 😬
  2. Maybe you should look at one of these https://www.amazon.com/Coleman-Butane-Iron-Even-Smooth/dp/B012TREVSS
  3. from the Powertech Manual for these inverters Pwoertech Inverter manual.pdf As you can see the rated current for the 1500W is 160 amps (even more than my previous guesstimate). For safety the installation must match the max potential current draw for the selected model, not what you might think you are going to use. Also I do not consider those clamping screws to be a safe connection for this level of current, it needs to be studs to which you can connect cables with lug terminals.
  4. I am surprised your 750 watt inverter is not popping fuses, you cannot be putting much load on it. Cig lighter sockets should not be used for more than 20 amp draw, whereas that 750 wat unit could draw up 60+ amps. A 1500watt inverter will definitely need to be hard wired and should have 50mm2 cables and a 150 amp fuse. This will draw ~125amps at full output.
  5. interesting to read the inspectors undertake their duties on behalf of MNZ, not YNZ(who just appoint them) YNZ is not a government body, hence they have no authority to prosecute
  6. My Naiad has the same fitting, very difficult to source it. Try talking to Neil at Seafarer, he might be able to point you in the right direction
  7. The world is divided into IALA Regions A & B where Region B covers a whole lot more area than just USA https://www.marineinsight.com/marine-navigation/iala-buoyage-system-for-mariners-types-of-marks/#:~:text=For the sake of maintaining,Japan%2C Korea and the Philippines. Why split the world - no idea, maybe its like driving on the left vs driving on the right? I understand the Cardinal system came about because no one could agree which side red and green buoys should be placed in the English Channel.
  8. the manual for my Suzuki 2.5 says transport on handle side down only and has this warning I suggest placing your motor on a stand (in my case a piece of 6 x 2 in the Workmate's jaws), pull the plugs and turn it over a few times to make sure there is no oil in the cylinders. Then while you are at it drain/suck the old engine oil out and add new oil
  9. sitting in Moores Bay,Bon Accord waiting to depart for Gt Barrier -will go tomorrow morning. Never seen Bon Accord so empty and almost all the anchored boats here are (older Kiwi, only 1 AWB) yachts, not a Riviera or Maritimo in sight Also here Toroa
  10. there were then the big sisters at 46', Totolo for Don Winstone and an unamed centre cockpit version that went to USA. There is a 42 footer at Westpark that maybe a sistership to Roulette 2 Then there was Jipcho, 41' which was used as the plug for the Young 43 centre cockpit (I guess there must have been a temporary extension to develop the Y43's transom). All very similar in design concept
  11. hope no one was waiting for a container off this boat just kidding, it was north Pacific sailing to California
  12. NYS, the vast majority of foreign cruisers would rate your getting entry into NZ in the current world situation up there with winning lotto. On top of that you say the cost of your quarantine is being paid for by the NZ taxpayer, ie me and the rest of the NZ tax paying population. So to echo Fish, be it 7 or 14 days in quarantine, it is a very minor inconvenience for you to be allowed into NZ.
  13. You are on the money JB, from the order, see 17.2(a), Minerva will qualify as "other place" 17General requirement to remain in isolation or quarantine (1)A person who arrives in New Zealand on board a ship must remain in isolation or quarantine for at least 14 days on board that ship. (2)For the purposes of subclause (1), the period of 14 days is counted from the most recent of the following: (a)the time at which and date on which the ship last departed for New Zealand from a port or other place outside New Zealand: (
  14. Current projection (yes a long way out) for 23 Dec showing a squish zone forming Not sure about Xmas day at Gt Barrier....
  15. The extension piece is ABS per its supplier. Will try your test to confirm the mudguard's material. Thanks
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