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  1. well maybe if they are to be let in the government should follow French Polynesia's long term practice of requiring a repatriation bond for all crew, if they do not have a onwards airfare
  2. Waihape was Johnny Wray's last yacht. I very much doubt if there were any drawings beyond some sketches he might have done
  3. Latest position - Pete uses Sailmail via Iridium Go and says there is a set up option so that everytime he connects to Sailmail, it automatically sends out a position report to the AIS "world". This is why KR can be identified mid ocean whereas most pleasure boats cannot
  4. and yet there seems to be international flights continuing to arrive almost daily from India (rapidly catching up to USA's case count), almost always carrying at least 1 COVID case. Of the 12 cases announced today 10 came from India. go figure??
  5. KR currently on a southerly course to pick up the preferred latitude for the reach/run to the Azores
  6. I don't think that was ever going to happen. Pete made the comment "Canadian CG and authorities have been very courteous and helpful, no problems" as he entered Baffin Bay a few weeks ago
  7. Kiwi Roa's latest position, heading for the Azores, when he makes a left turn
  8. they should have painted the temporary piece of pipe Harbour Bridge Gray, too many people slow down to look at the temporary repair
  9. http://www.sailingcatamarans.com/sagitta.htm
  10. from what I can make out this strut is in compression as part of the support truss so if this is the case stretch/elasticity would not be an issue
  11. Are Westhaven selling licences for the new berths or still just proposing rentals? I had heard they were rethinking this as Westhaven has been transferred back to Council in some financial sleight of hand, Council is basically broke (thanks to CRL) and they need to find the money from somewhere to fund the extension.
  12. I think you mean 95% of the risk. The design and consenting cost at Sandspit was around 25% of the total build price, but it took about 7 yrs to obtain all the consents. Sandspit's consenting was bankrolled by a group of club members funding the process, with all our money at risk. Cost alot more than initially envisaged The other big issue with a new marina is if there is dredging involved, where does that get disposed these days?
  13. Problem is someone has to pay. Obviously an existing marina such as Westhaven is a very different prospect to developing a new one. I had a look at my records for Sandspit, in 2014 the price for a 12m berth was around $120k (and that was at cost), and we could not sell many. Most were reconfigured as 14m.
  14. Sandspit was built under the club umbrella, however is at arms length to the club as a separate Incorporated Society controlled by the berth holders. The demand for berths has seen values go thru the roof
  15. I wonder if NZTA have actually started moving on the repair. If it is only the strut to be replaced, then a concerted effort working around the clock in fab shops (might need to find some imperial tape measures😄 )and installation could see the fix in place in 10-14 days. NZTA's forecast of 5 weeks plus says either they are incapable of moving quickly or there is more damage than published
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