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  1. cut the holes oversize with rebate and install/glue solid timber (kauri or the like) "picture frames" with the actual rebates for the windows. You want to remove any chance of water getting into the plywood's end grain
  2. the third respondent "TU of CT Limited" is described as an "Agent" so most likely a broker
  3. Start your search at Sulphur Pt Marina Tauranga, it may still be there or someone may know where it is after Mick sold it
  4. Interesting recent case about respective obligations/responsibilities https://www.justice.govt.nz/assets/Documents/Decisions/NR-v-HT-2019-NZDT-1335-6-November-2019.pdf
  5. 6 -8 weeks on a Dockwise ship. Sailing particularly needs to consider seasonal issues, passing thru cyclone belts
  6. just a couple of additional comments, which have been noted in the past 1. The Electrical Safety Regs 2010 cite AS 3004.2 2008 as the reference standard for EWOF's 2. Boats built prior to 2008 are grandfathered, they do not have to be brought up to 3004.2 2008 in all respects, however you then run into the inspector's judgement as to what constitutes a "safe" AC installation for an EWOF to be issued. 3. Boats built 2008- 2014 need to comply with AS 3004.2 2008 for both AC and DC installations, post 2014 builds must comply with the 2014 revision. There is not much difference betw
  7. There is no direct shipping between NZ/Australia and Brazil. Some years ago when exchange rates were rather different I looked at the feasibility of importing Brazilian built/Roger Hill designed cats into Aust/NZ. Had to tranship in Mexico and the cost was phenomenal. Having a play round with this site https://www.maersk.com/local-information/shipping-from-asia-pacific-to-latin-america the only shipping option appears be to trans ship via Singapore. I think the airplane option is the only feasible one, I believe LATAM have recommenced their flights to Santiago, alot quicke
  8. Just be aware (last I looked) that the unlimited data plan that is available for Go's is not available for phones, why not - no idea, just marketing I guess. Plenty of Go's on Ebay if you want one or wait till November when boats return from the islands, usually a couple for sale
  9. What exactly are you looking to protect? Fuses are to protect the cabling, a windlass should have a re-setable circuit breaker -if your windlass draws 80 amps then a 100 amp breaker would be fine. Fuses need to be matched to cable size and depending on type they have an allowance for surge currents. I have a 3 battery system, the house bank has a 300 Amp Class T with a 70mm2 cable connection and a 200amp class T for the 2 kW Inverter feed, which is also 70mm2 Second battery is the starter, it has a 250amp Blue Sea stud mounted fuse, as does the third battery which powers t
  10. see my follow up post 22 Feb above...
  11. available through the Auckland Council libraries, you can reserve it https://discover.aucklandlibraries.govt.nz/iii/encore/record/C__Rb2204909__Sjohn lidgard__Orightresult__U__X4?lang=eng&suite=def
  12. I am running a Balmar duo charge for the 2 sets of batteries charged from the original engine alternator (a grunty Leece Neville takes care of the house bank ) https://balmar.net/products/digital-duo-charge/ the alternator's output goes straight to the battery for the electric halyard/anchor winches and centreboard hydraulic pump, which draw some serious current. The duo charge keeps the start battery topped off. Remember under normal circumstances the start battery only requires minimal charging.
  13. It also lacks battery temperature sensing. It is advertised as a drop in replacement for Ample Power Next Step regulators (no longer manufactured), but this is not strictly true. For larger banks you need to look at regulator options such as Balmar, Wakespeed or Sterlingpro to get amongst other features battery and alternator temp sensing
  14. I believe she raced in the SYD - HOB whilst she was under Australian ownership(she was Melbourne based for some years), after Peter Spencer sold her.
  15. speaking of Robertson's, one interesting major refit they are doing is to the Farr designed Cotton Blossom. Apparently some Hong Kong based guy bought her sight unseen during the lock down period from the Vances and she is undergoing a stem to stern refit. I think a carbon rig is on the agenda, not sure if the typical 70's Farr keel will be turbo'd.
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