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  1. Crew delay. Also I believe their Iridium GO was not working, it had been problematic all season so they were probably not receiving any updates other than what they might have received on SSB (can't remember if they had one) Sailing to the timetable set by crew members unfortunately sees more than a few yachts venturing out into conditions they really should not.
  2. It does still happen, but there is alot of info/support out there to help mitigate the risk. When Essence left Fiji, the forecasts were showing they were likely to run into crap when they got close to the coast of NZ and sadly they did. 7 weeks ago I was intending to leave Noumea when the forecast predicted a good weather pattern for the passage to NZ. But at the same time there was a little low forming up in the Solomons. I use Bruce Buckley and he advised he was concerned it could form into a cyclone and recommended leaving 2 days earlier than we planned, even with less than ideal condi
  3. Hull came off the Young 41 Jipcho, with a widened transom. Most built over period 1974-79, 1 or 2 more in the early 80's. Balsa cored GRP hull and decks. Majority were sloop rigged but also a couple of ketches around. Most had a shallow draft, 1.5m keel. Sailed alot of miles including several circumnavigations. There was a Sea Spray Boat Test, I think in 1974 (I have the issue) and design discussed in Jim's memoirs, "Jim Young - designer, Builder, Sailor"
  4. And this is just getting "passage ready". Next is "living ready" for want of a better expression, ie for once you are on the hook. Typical upgrades can include more batteries, charging system, solar panels, wind generator stainless steel work - davits, arch etc canvas work - dodger, bimini, awnings etc extra tankage, water maker bigger dinghy and outboard water toys Not saying these are essential but most people seem to finish up spending a fair few $$'s on the above which can start at $10k and just keep growing. Agree with Jon that a boat
  5. Not alot more info. At that time Wrighty was churning out designs almost as fast as Richard Hartley and Frank Pelin, the plan business was very lucrative in those days. There were a few more built including the original "Transit". Design looks to be a mix of Townson and Lidgard hull and cabin shapes Gemini was a twin keeler, built for Jim Varney, one time Auckland Harbour Master and Cat 1 Inspector. There was a Sea Spray feature in the early 70's on her which I have in my magazine hoard archives, I can send you a scan when I get back to NZ in a couple of months if you cannot find one befo
  6. Quartermaster was lost in the 94 Queens Birthday storm with all 3 crew. The empty liferaft was found by the Monowai The conjecture at Sandspit where she sailed from was that the super structure was on the light side and she may have lost windows or had the cabin sides stove in. I have been told there was a very harrowing call, shortly before she went off the air, from skipper Bob Rimmer to Kerikeri radio in total despair saying "I just don't know what to do". Tragic stuff
  7. the first boat(white hull and decks) is a Townson 30, "Magic Flute" design. The blue yacht is an Alan Wright "Transit" design. Wright's early designs Nova, Variant, Nerissa and others certainly had some Townson influence.
  8. Could not agree more, so you can lead by example and not attempt to draw conclusions on what posters are thinking when they ask a question...
  9. the cat that sank was an Australian boat rescued in the middle of the night by a NZ boat that was part of the ICNZ rally in what were described as "in a very brave and tricky situation". No doubt the NZ boats ASS and First aid training would have been of assistance and your point continues to be the rules should be specially changed just to suit you. I asked Jon a reasonable question and await with interest to see his response.
  10. Maybe YNZ should be doing something unusual and actually consulting on an inclusive basis, not just going thru the motions, with current/would be offshore voyagers. Something for Angus' replacement to do when they manage to recruit someone. Interesting that your ad hoc survey seems to be people bitching about relatively minor cost items in the greater scheme of things, were these "budget" cruisers or more affluent? My issue with the courses is there availability, the fact that providers cannot keep up with current demand. Also there should be recognition of "like qualifications, eg if so
  11. Falconer Marine - not sure if Bill is still on the job as I have seen another guy in a van with same sign writing
  12. not sure what in your mind constitutes a significant %. Every now and then someone asks the question here about offshore registration but the number who go this route in any season can probably be counted on one hand. The sticking issue I have heard is the not very clear updated requirement for fixing covering boards on large windows. That has been the only substantive change in the rules in the last 6 yrs. From what I have heard inspectors have in practice taken a very flexible approach to this. not sure if you know how the Cat 1 system works, the inspectors are all volunteers an
  13. if you are not berth constrained you could add the Lotus 1280 to your list, old discussion here
  14. which Insurer is that? When I raised it with Baileys/Vero they said no way on Inter - island passages. Min 3 crew all international passages. Even getting coverage for 2 crew is getting tough, can't with Vero, can with Pantaneius at an extortionate price, don't know about Topsail, Haven KJ and Williams.
  15. did Vero prescribe minimum 3 crew for all international passages? I have this stipulation including for the 200 mile passage Vanuatu New Caledonia which is a bit over the top, did it solo in 2019.
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