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  1. I like to take a slightly different approach. The VSR basically turns your 2 batteries into 1 and effectively limits the charge going into the house battery (because the starting batt will be at a higher level of charge), which is the one that will require more charge. So I would use one of these, buy from Defender in USA https://balmar.net/products/digital-duo-charge/ Ideally you want an external regulator for the alternator (if it can receive and external field signal). If you want to look at an upgrade I have a pair of 6 V 220 ahr hybrid gel batteries (used but still in
  2. marinheiro

    Is a SSB Radio

    do you know the model no's? An ICOM Marine radio would be one of M700/M710/M802 Tuner AT130 or AT140 (for 802 only) just checking if you have a marine set or a HAM set eg 718.
  3. marinheiro

    Is a SSB Radio

    for the small cost I would spend the money. What Radio and Tuner do you have?
  4. marinheiro


    Ceramco WRTWR Auckland to Rio leg start 1981
  5. so based on the details of Centaurus http://www.aussieairliners.org/shortfb/a18-10/a1810.html and I reckon that must be Captain Musick's Pan Am Sikorsky in the foreground, which would date the picture around 1937-8 http://musickpointradio.org/captain-edwin-musick/
  6. send the picture to Waitemata Woodys and you will be sure to get an answer
  7. Her replacement, designed by Roger Hill. Slightly more cruisey (not by much tho) version of Kotuku and Cation Looks like original plan to build her here did not work out https://www.powercatsnz.com/index.cfm/newsroom/ the guy must love his green!
  8. Have you checked the isolation mounts to make sure they have no "de-bonded"?
  9. This was covered extensively in the Environment Court Hearings https://www2.justice.govt.nz/website-documents/NZEnvC-081-Walden-v-Auckland-Council-SKP-Inc-v-Auckland-Council.pdf it can be downloaded and searched for "Penguins". Usual story of the objectors not accepting the umpires decision
  10. Actually I reckon it is a Maxwell someone has messed with. The black base and the top securing cap look very Maxwell (I have 8 of them), then it looks like the top flange of the winch has been cut off in a lathe (no idea why that would be done) and those grooves machined using a milling machine. If Sounds pulls it apart and checks whether it has the little dog clutches (for want of a better name) that were used by Maxwell, or spring loaded pawls used by everyone else will confirm or eliminate my suggestion
  11. France appears to be an "outlier" in this respect, maybe berth rentals are subsidised there as the government does put a lot of money into boating. Looking across the channel searched a couple of UK examples. The south coast is dominated by Premier marinas, who if you believe letters in the UK yachting mags can give Westhaven lessons in how to rip off customers. For a 12 m berth pa Brighton: €5,900 https://www.premiermarinas.com/UK-Marina-locations/Brighton-Marina/Rates-and-charges Port Solent: €8,275 https://www.premiermarinas.com/UK-Marina-locations/Port-Solent-Marina/R
  12. Its what you don't see that is the expensive part. The raft of consultants, lawyers etc to get the approvals, more consultants, project managers for the design, purchase and build, then the biggie - dredging, which if memory serves me correctly is around $60-90/m3 depending upon disposal method. There will be some form of breakwater, could be floating, piles or rock fill. Each of your berth piles is around $2,500 placed, cannot remember pontoon cost but probably around $5000/3m unit installed. Then all the sundry services, power, water, security etc. Power is a big one these days with all the
  13. https://www.bayshoremarineengines.com/129670-42610impellerkit.aspx when I was in Annapolis for the boat show 3 yrs ago I bought all the Yanmar filters and impellers I could fit in my bag
  14. you could try having a play with this and comparing various locations. https://tides.niwa.co.nz/map need to use the Search function for North Cape or Cape Reinga
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