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  1. There were 4 folios of Charts published by the Hyro Office in the early 2000's, A3 size laminated. They covered 1. Auckland Harbour, Waiheke 2. Kawau and Mahurangi 3. Gt Barrier & Mercs 4. BOI They appear on Trademe from time to time, obviously you would not rely on them for a night entry to a new port but are very handy to have in the cockpit for general orientation, not too many recent new rock discoveries to worry about and it seems boats/ships have no problem finding those that are already well known.
  2. I keep my charts with 1 fold in plastic portfolio envelopes, mine came from Perth years ago, you might find them in an art supply shop. As for charts, assuming you have all the Gulf Charts (532 etc), I suggest you could add NZ 52 for the big picture and NZ 5214 Marsden Pt if you were likely to stop inside the heads. The catalogue is here https://www.linz.govt.nz/sea/charts/nz-chart-catalogue-list-view
  3. you think a gen set is bad. I was anchored at a lovely little bay opposite the Broken Islands Gt Barrier with 6 other boats, everyone quietly enjoying the solitude when these ..anchors pull in after a days diving with an unsilenced Honda powered air compressor sitting on the foredeck going flat out filling cylinders. When I observed to them very politely that a bit of consideration for everyone else in the bay would not go amiss all I got was pushback.
  4. very breezy at the Barrier which is starting to get on people's nerves, trying to find an anchorage out of wind, even for lunch. Port Fitzroy busy but not overly so, good to see a wide variety of yachts out here, not just the big launches, smallest I have seen is a Variant, quite a few Townsons of different sizes, have a Lotus 950 anchored in front of me and a Noelex 30 just astern.
  5. Booboo, you should be using 40-50mm tube, 25 will flex too much
  6. too big for my needs but looks like you have a "sale" to Aarky
  7. That looks like the one I am after (Ronstan sticker on Robb clutch), are the mounting holes 90mm centres?
  8. does anyone have a small Robb/Howard clutch per below (mounting holes at 90mm centres), to suit 10mm rope preferably metal body
  9. for sure, the salt air being blown thru will do wonders for the internals and a strong wind might cause a flame out situation. By the way did you notice how wafer thin the bridge deck is, looks like a thin honeycomb of some sort covered with light cloth either side
  10. I would not do that, exhaust should be on a vertical surface with nothing above it to block dissipation of heat/fumes, also to minimse staining
  11. not too make light of a serious subject, but...
  12. Yes, she was turbo'd prior to the 05 race, stern extension and a new Bakewell-White Tee keel to replace the conventional fin (which I believe is still sitting in the grass at Robertsons if anyone is looking for a 5T fin). Very powerful yacht with the upgrade. She is now based down south, Mana or Marlborough.
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