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  1. It has happened last few seasons - with the predominance of E/NE winds over summer it means that Blackpool and Surfdale dont get the recirculation that a fresh SW provides and ends up providing great Algae growing conditions - was bad last year but even worse this year with Globules of it making its way along to Putiki Bay as well....Hopefully a few strong SW blows will shake it all up but smells terrible and definitely not what you need going into your salt water intake
  2. The Rahui definitely is not over - no taking scallops or any shellfish with the exemption of kina
  3. https://www.metvuw.com/forecast/forecast1.php?type=rain&region=nzni&tim=078
  4. Few boats removed from Putiki Bay , Waiheke by Harbourmaster the other week - a fraction of the number that should have gone but such a major logistically ....
  5. 1paulg

    Poo pipe part 2

    I always have a bin (with a liner) for used bog paper ( as well as fresh water and vinegar last flush) - none goes through the Loo. Everything you can do to minimize potential blocking is worth it having endured a xmas day and a new years eve blockage to sort I do whatever I can to avoid blockages
  6. The process to apply and get permission to lay one took me around 10 months - that was 4 years ago - not sure if that has changed since however there are limited spaces available and depending on your boat size that could be a limiting factor.
  7. I have the Ultrasonic wind sensor - been pretty happy with it- compact and no moving parts...
  8. Assume 888 is still out there drifting ? Am sure he will be hugely relieved to have got off.... great effort Navy and Trust Heli
  9. Looks quite small but at that price you could have another as back up ...Thanks for the link -will look into them
  10. Mine has died and no new ones coming in the country for quite a while.. The specs are 12v 7 psi just used to pump fuel from tank up 1 metre to holding tank - dont suppose anyone has one they arent using or something that could do the same job ?
  11. 1paulg


    It depends on what your tolerance is to a slightly bumpy anchorage - forecast is light E at the moment swinging to SE overnight then fluctuating between E and SE until Wednesday afternoon when it normally will swing to S . With those conditions it is doeable - not 100% ideal -if you do decide to anchor there make sure your pick is well dug in. Looking out there at the moment there are a couple of boats and it is mild. SE actually works ok there - just tuck up into the Little Oneroa end.....
  12. My understanding is that a carbon filter will take out the chlorine in a shock dose but it will most likely end up needing to be replaced afterwards - small amounts are ok but not shock doses ....Tryiing to remember who told me that -was some marine outlet but can check on this....
  13. chlorine destroys carbon filters pretty quickly - I wouldnt recommend using anything v low concentrations otherwise factor in writing off your carbon filters as part of that process and replace
  14. Dont think Apartments are on the Agenda - from memory the other option besides keeping it as a hardstand was to convert it to a reserve /park
  15. 1paulg

    Pier 21

    The Landing at Okahu Bay has a doubtful future depending the outcome of a recent survey and Council decision making
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