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  1. Yes the HE ... thanks for that will look into it
  2. Usually its any provisions are confiscated and disposed of on entry so assume they are changing the rules in that department.
  3. That was the place I dealt with - great service and was pleasantly surprised at the range of parts they had.
  4. There is a company in Sydney that stocks second hand parts - the name escapes me but will do some digging tomorrow and see if I can find it. When I needed something they had a few options
  5. The chances of getting one in Matiatia are pretty slim
  6. Assume they were towing to mainland in which case a long tow in those conditions. Don’t think there are any sheltered ports in Isles of Scilly - quite exposed there .
  7. Its looking as though the only possibility there is some Aussies but everyone else is most likely to be watching on international media. Probably the best outcome is that Team NZ retain the cup and rehost again in a relatively short period ie 2 years -hopefully by then the shambolic state of affairs that is currently downtown Auckland may not be so embarrassing!
  8. I love his writing style and the way he deals with everything thrown at him...a great read
  9. to replace like with like but am open for options
  10. Advertised once before with no luck but hopefully something may come up - looking for ideally 2 units but happy to take 1 if available
  11. Just as well I am going to Whangarei for my next haul out which is shortly by the sounds of it !
  12. Would be making life a bit difficult on some of the town hardstands at the moment - assume they are still waterblasting ?
  13. Once we have a programme will let you know (bugger this covid !)..... happy to try and cordinate transport at this end etc....
  14. Looking as though we may have a fleet of up to 20 boats on Waiheke shortly with regular racing planned
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