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  1. Yep = this is a development that is long overdue.... as for Fullers preferred model - Ha ! Who wouldnt want to operate the most profitable route in Auckland and not have to own or maintain the ferries
  2. Fullers would be better off investing in a ferry(ies) that had extra capacity rather than having to leave frustrated passengers still waiting while the scheduled ferry fully loaded pulls out meaning an hour wait to the next one during peak times. Let alone operating a service that recognises the need for extra sailings in peak times and not going to a winter timetable before peak weekends like Easter and school holidays
  3. Thats interesting because up to this point Toyota have had their head in the sand when it comes to EV's - they have gone the hybrid route saying they didnt believe in 100% electric - I hope yopu are right because if they dont get on the band wagon before long they will end up like Kodak
  4. could see the smoke from Waiheke..
  5. I am looking for a couple of ST 290s which are scarce as Hens teeth - if anyone has upgraded and got any to offload .....:)
  6. Just talked to someone who came in from the Barrier and they came across a 4x3 m section of the wreck out in the Gulf so be aware -there is debris floating around - keep an eye out -particularly launches travelling at speed. They notified Coastguard and the Harbourmaster
  7. Mizzen mast went - I believe to be someone's flagpole -main mast was still in place up until the blow
  8. The cost is in the clean up -debris scattered let alone a rig , keel and motor still to be recovered
  9. Unfortunately a sad end to this story - the boat broke up today and the debris is either on the bottom or in Matiatia Bay beach
  10. 1paulg

    Weather apps

    Talking about weather Apps - predictwind for tomorrow is showing mid 30's gusts into potentially 50's - pretty intensive front as it goes through -not much rain by the looks of it for Auck
  11. He doesnt want to spend taxpayers money on something that he will never recover from the owners when they are telling him they have a plan!
  12. "Our ship may look abandoned on the rocks of Matiatia but it's not. We are forging a plan with the authorities to salvage it in pieces to repurpose into a playground. It is quite a process and these things take time. We go out there regularly to check on it and make sure it's all stable and wreckage is contained. Last time we went out there we noticed someone had cut out 4 more bronze portholes which were supposed to be a part of the ship themed playground. Please don't assume its an abandoned wreck and if you took or know who took the portholes thinking that it was, could you please let u
  13. The Landing at Okahu Bay is up for review- it could be that Auckland ends up with 2 less haul out areas depending on how things turn out...
  14. yesterday - in 7 days time wont be much left of the hull I am guessing with current forecast
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