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  1. The economics change when you consider that the flexible panels arent nearly as efficient and will most likely need to be replaced within 5 years
  2. 1paulg

    Kayak Fatality

    Surf Ski paddlers love fresh downwind conditions as thats what surf skis are designed for - there are a lot of experienced paddlers around who are very comfortable in choppy conditions -getting back on board if you fall out isnt too big a deal and normally the paddler would have a leash and a ph or vhf
  3. Or while Gang members distribute drugs out of their border and are infectious at the same time....
  4. Lol 100 mill at the moment is around a days cost currently and a drop in the ocean the way money is being spent at the moment
  5. Dunphy's offer was never really a concrete offer for TNZ to count on -hopefully it may still materialise and bring the bacon home but that may be wishful thinking - we will know v soon !
  6. Hi Phoebe - there is a guy Scott up in FP (Kiwi) looking for a ride back -his contact is orcaman71@hotmail.com -could be worth following up seeing both FP and NZ are both in lockdown. Good luck
  7. I found Pantaneous the worst when I looked around
  8. Ideally you need to find the exact age of the rigging - taking them off for a load test and potentially refitting or then finding out they have degraded then needing to get new ones made just adds to the cost and time involved for the exercise
  9. Have they got covers on ? That will help protect from UV and abrasion. I replaced my 16 mm ones after 10 years (had covers on them) and had one tested which came out surprisingly well ( from memory they got to 80% before stopping ie they didnt test to break point). As mine were over size ( I could have come down in size) I was still well and truly covered although I was happy to replace after that length of time (with 16 mm)
  10. Tensions are certainly getting out of control - the protestors are going all out and are stepping beyond normal boundaries . The comments on local FB boards are very one eyed that its not worth anyone trying to reason with them. At the moment there is a poster being distributed encouraging people to take tomorrow (Fri 09/07) off work and to go and join them at Putiki Bay !
  11. Think it costs that much to consult with the penguins
  12. Huge input over the years -all the best - see you in Sol Bar sometime
  13. Bugger - always sad to see a sight like that.....
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