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Mast corrosion

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Hi all,

I went to look at a boat today and saw some corrosion on the aluminum mast. The corrosion occurred just below the rubber boot seal where the mast goes through the cabin roof. The corrosion formed a 3mm hole all the way through the mast at the leading edge.


Does anybody here have any experience with this type of problem? Is it a problem?




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never good to have corrosion all the way through


but 3mm is only a small rivet hole 


so nothing to worry about in itself


but you do need to look closer for more corrosion

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erice is right.
Is it easy to drop the mast? i.e. small boat? Various solutions can be used to fix the issue, but we would need to see a pic or to. There are several current and past Rig guys here in Crew and could offer the best solution.

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