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Marshall Law Ross 40, 2 handed build up.

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Gold cup race completed yesterday. This was a 40 odd mile passage race around Waiheke island, through Rakino channel, then home.
Not so many mistakes this race. We paced Georgia One and Lawless for a while, especially in the light and kept Urban Cowboy at bay right until the finish line where we spun the Marshall out in a 30 knot puff with the MH kite in the water and both Smithy and Phil taking a swim. Scary stuff, but a difficult finish line where the kite has to be dropped 2 handed and the distance to the breakwater is only 50 metres.. Drop it early, or risk the boat! It was looking like "Samurai Drop" time for a few minutes...
Epic racing with sister ship Urban Cowboy right to the end... As can be seen, they had their own problems, and we thought we had them beaten at that stage, but nek minute!! Doh! Thanks for the Rumbos Urban crew! Great mothership you have!vlcsnap-2016-12-11-15h13m18s142.pngvlcsnap-2016-12-11-15h04m28s158.pngvlcsnap-2016-12-11-15h13m33s872.png


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So we're pretty much all set for RNI which starts on Saturday 2pm. 


Safety check - done

job list - down to about 5 items

Crew - kind of ready


Looks light for the first leg which will suit us well. 


Going to try for a couple of sail check sails on Thursday and Friday just to see if anything jumps out at us.


Here We go !!!!!!

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