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Peel Ply - what weight?

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So, I'm going to buy some peelply. 


Haven't used it before, but figured might as well get some practice. 


Can get two different weights, 83gsm and 62gsm, price is pretty much the same - slightly more (+5%) for the 62gsm.


Will use it in hand layup when strengthening various small pieces, sheathing dagger boards rudders etc. May or may not use vacuum, both glass and carbon.


But also will use it when sheathing a 40ft hull, again, may or may not use vacuum. Want to take advantage of combined shipping and just buy a big roll (100m) ... once, also taking advantage of discount for the whole roll (50% discount).



Pros and cons of different weights?


Any tips?

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Most common grade would be 80gsm but I'd say 62gsm would do the same job. I assume both are nylon peel ply not another fruitier version of peel ply? Ideally get the stuff with the Red stripe so that you can see where you left it.Remember with nylon peel ply you still need to surface prep. Google 'curse of the nylon peel ply'

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