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  1. Adhesive Technologies
  2. For that sort of application Aliexpress
  3. Just so you know it's not an app, just a mobile friendly web page
  4. Use winddan.nz . ALL the nowcasting sites and more in a better format
  5. You should use the perf film to control the resin bleed (adds restriction into the system), and pull the max vacuum you can. If you don't have restriction you can overbleed and get porosity
  6. What matting are you using? Are you using perforated release film and peel ply? You won't ever get a mint mould finish from the bag side.
  7. Hetairos. Full carbon hull and full of modern tech despite the traditional looks. Rigs made in NZ. Recently got the square top upgrade.
  8. chic014

    Kite Bag

    Anyone happen to pick up a blue North's kite bag at saltworks mark last night? Bottle of rum for the winner.
  9. Try McMaster Carr. Online hardware from the US.
  10. Just be careful, by weight and volume the ratios are a bit different because of different densities. Gurit spabond 345 is a good pre thickened adhesive for bonding, not really for coving though.
  11. chic014

    Vor 2017

    Reaching struts for the headsails and masthead zeros. Made in NZ
  12. Good reading from the pros here http://www.vacmobiles.com/vacmans-notes.html
  13. You should use the max vac you have available and not turn the pump off or regulate the vac. Control your bleed with the correct perf film if doing wet lam with vac. If infusion control the amount of resin you remove with a Peel ply break between end of lam and vac connection
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