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it an't  a trailer sailer .... please god give me strength   it's a sports boat .... anyway  this  "clipper"   should be banned  from the site for getting it's facts wrong and trying to publicly  humiliate  a  mentally challenged   fellow sailor .... facts ... he is a hick from up north driving in an environment that he / she is not familiar with . the poor soul was trying to do the right thing and get  the  correct lane placement  and bang !!!   some jaffa is driving around taking movies of every one and making instant judgement on the situation ..... who took the photo    shouldn't your eyes be on the road ... shame   shame   shame ... now i know why the word  "tosser" was invented   :thumbup: ........  is that ok  Mark    :wave:

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Can you overtake on the left?


Dual carriageways and motorways

This scenario applies to urban dual carriageways and streets where there are two or more lanes.

There are no laws in New Zealand that prevent you from passing on the left (or 'undertaking') on a motorway. expressway or dual carriageway if the vehicle in the right-hand lane is going slower. Drivers who have driven in the UK might find this odd.

However, this doesn't mean that you are allowed to travel indefinitely in the right-hand lane on a motorway or expressway if you are not overtaking.

That's from driving test nz

However driving whilst using a phone is an $80 fine and 20 demerit points

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