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  1. bushman

    BEAU 770

    it an't a trailer sailer .... please god give me strength it's a sports boat .... anyway this "clipper" should be banned from the site for getting it's facts wrong and trying to publicly humiliate a mentally challenged fellow sailor .... facts ... he is a hick from up north driving in an environment that he / she is not familiar with . the poor soul was trying to do the right thing and get the correct lane placement and bang !!! some jaffa is driving around taking movies of every one and making instant judgement on the situation ..... who took the photo shouldn't your eyes
  2. ok .... was just chatting the other day about how wet this boat was offshore and how hard you had to work in order to go so slow by today's standards ... ( but 10.5 knots did seem quite fast at the time ) but i have very good teenage memories of racing this boat , just curious as to where it ended up ? ... no i don't want to buy it just wondering
  3. Well since i have got a large Mt Gay sign on my sail cover ????? guess that will do
  4. Could you please tell me the drugs that you are on as they could possibaly enhance my mental stability so I could be on the same plane that you are on , "careless intent " cat one racing under the "Royal Yatch club of Russia" ???? come on tell us /me, trust me I used to be a realestate agent
  5. I wonder if they will ever be able to get under that bridge and out to the deep blue cool vid thanks
  6. bushman


    Willis Sails make your sails in their loft ............. any problems ..... just see them , no Problem
  7. You looked very gracefull as you sailed around Nine Pin Last week ........... sometimes I just hate working out there............
  8. Done ........... we will anchor a barge half way stocked with cold beer and various delights ............ next request
  9. "o" how the mighty have fallen
  10. Thanks , enjoyed that ........ last time we lifted a hull was when we were jacking the boat onto a trailer to launch it
  11. Ok...... as a poor landscaper / orchardish I will be busting a gut to this years coastal classic in the old dear , the thing is what division ( yes multihull ) would be the best to enter a 1976 built ply under riged heavy 9.2 mt cat ...
  12. your boat is better looking than you pumbaa
  13. Hope he stays on we need the experience
  14. yes that is really impressive ..... if I had a couple or even one of those wins under my belt you would never hear the end of it ( after a couple of rums mind you ) we need this talent to stay so they will impart their knowledge onto the younger up and coming talent , most farmers tie the young pup up to the old working dog for a while ...
  15. I can feel a fresh breeze kicking in , man I love that sea breeze , one of the many joys of living in the Bay Of Islands , Dean you are welcome to come on up any time and try to get my old dear going a bit faster .
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