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  1. Stray Horse and Waikiore how do you guys "know" it is in the Te Puna and Kerikeri inlets? I don't doubt that it is, but this is the first I've heard of it being on this side.
  2. No IT i'm talking about ignoring the 5 degrees of deviation not about holding a 5 degree course tolerance, I add up all the adjustments to the nearest degree (everything in true), heading,tidal offset, drift, var,dev and then I round the total adjusted figure up or down, normally to the nearest 5 degrees but at night I might make it to the nearest 10 degree line on the compass so it's easier to see for a compass course especially if you're having to hand steer.
  3. Like a big chunky 1980's casio digital watch with calculator
  4. No, compasses give uncorrected (deviation) magnetic, IT said his compass is less than 5 degrees deviation, for me 5 is quite a high figure to ignore. I take it all and then give a simplified course heading. I generally don't bother reducing the annual variation unless it's really bad. A hand bearing compass doesn't have a deviation card.
  5. If you're using magnetic then you still have to make an adjustment for your compass but not for a hand bearing one. I found it easier to stay and think in true, for the most part you only have to make a variation and deviation adjustment once, if you use only magnetic every action or plot requires adjustment. And for long courses using true the variation changes and is more likely to be accounted for by habit. Anyhow horses for courses as long as the fridge is cold.
  6. And the reason for that was simplicity, keep everything written down as true then at the end you produce a course to steer which would be noted in the log. Now you get information from all sorts of pieces of equipment with different yaw rates and nothing reads the same at the same moment. GPS, back up GPS, the plotter, the laptop the phone the autopilot all telling you stuff. When I go somewhere I've never been that has a tide or current effect after I've done the planning I just use the plotter on my phone and the helm compass to keep me sane.
  7. Everything in true, but I haven't really used a paper chart in years other than planning. I still use a hand bearing compass occasionally but for clearance bearings and such not for a running fix or triangulation.
  8. Pumbaa

    BEAU 770

    Can you overtake on the left? Dual carriageways and motorways This scenario applies to urban dual carriageways and streets where there are two or more lanes. There are no laws in New Zealand that prevent you from passing on the left (or 'undertaking') on a motorway. expressway or dual carriageway if the vehicle in the right-hand lane is going slower. Drivers who have driven in the UK might find this odd. However, this doesn't mean that you are allowed to travel indefinitely in the right-hand lane on a motorway or expressway if you are not overtaking. That's from driving t
  9. Pumbaa

    Inflatable repaiir

    The pvc glue is meant to be good for around 10 years plus or minus 5, the glue is very susceptible to heat but even a perfectly stored one will fall apart eventually. Aakron and Java are supplied by the same guy, he's friendly and approachable but his boats are not known for their longevity. Apparently he's now supplying a new line of welded seam boats. This list of well built Chinese rafts is not all of them but some well known ones; Terminator, Maxxon, Quiksilver, Honwave, Takacat, some Zodiac. They all have glued seams so when the handles and fittings start to come off it would be a good t
  10. Pumbaa

    life raft

    IT made some good points about the water ballast bags underneath, blow it up in the garden or river bank and then cut the bags off with a knife. And the fittings are similar to an inflatable boat and they are easy to deflate. You've probably scored yourself a 20 year old waterproof torch (which won't work), a foot pump that looks useful but isn't, a blunt nosed knife and maybe some interesting charts and paraphernalia. All of which you'll dump in the bin eventually . Also if you're going to go down a river in it take the bottle off as well, Two ten inch crescent wrenches will probably take th
  11. I can't see what you have to lose, you've already bent them once so there's already damage that can't be undone but I don't think the damage would be significant for their use either. You haven't opened them right up, just put them back in and tap them down again. What is the worst that would happen any way- you'd lose 1 or 2 hanks in a race, they're just jib hanks, you could probably sail an entire race without any in at all. You're not lifting anything heavy or a person and If some do break then you know which need replacing.
  12. Pumbaa


    I can't believe you're thinking of selling it, I doubt if you've used it 10 times. Put some pictures up, is there an online reference for the magazine article about it?
  13. It's not that bad http://www.workandincome.govt.nz/pensions/travelling-or-moving/going-overseas-super/travelling-for-more-than-26-weeks.html#null 6 weeks notice not 3 months
  14. I apologise for the thread drift. I only recently became aware of the travel restrictions with regard to your super payments. I can sort of understand the pension but surely the super is your own. Even a pension shouldn't have restrictions. When we go I was expecting it to be sortable when you supply a B5/U4 certified by a notary public in blue ink on red paper by the light of the moon and at least 3 planets. 3 months in advance.
  15. A bit of an anthem and not the best song to play in your workshop whilst working on other peoples property.
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