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2017 Route 66: Crew and Car Rides

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We're starting a thread for those wanting to organise crew and car rides to/from Marsden Point Marina for the 2017 Route 66... for general chatter use the other forum post: http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic/14148-marsden-cove-marina-2017-route-66/


Post name, contact and other details here for:

  • Rides to Marsden Cove Marina
  • Rides home to Auckland
  • Crew spots available
  • Crew available

For the latest news and information on the race go to the race website: http://richmondyc.org.nz/racing/info/route66-coastal-race/



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Two seats on the return trip spoken for, plus driver (Dambo; Bryon's car).


I will be leaving Westhaven by 0500 Saturday morning if anyone wants to get to Marsden nice and early.


Cheers, Josh 

That's me, a HD crew member and two others.  So cramped space for one more...

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Right, Damian. I have 3 people wanting a ride back with you. Andrea, Richard, and Josh M. 

Did you have someone else? Or is that full now?


No takers on the early ride up as yet

That's us full, Me, Liz and these three.  Sin - we're not pulling out halfway to go drinkies now.

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