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$1 Reserve TradeMe Auction: 2.5m Modern Classic Sailing Rowing Dinghy

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This dinghy was from a design by American C. William "Bill" Lapworth of Cal 40 fame. https://goo.gl/MeQ9Ty I purchased it in Devonport where I got some of its history.


Apparently it was built by two Kiwi apprentices looking to create something different . It is very light and strong for a dinghy of its size with the layup including including fibreglass and kevlar.


Dimensions Length 2460 Beam 1360




I got the family videographer to capture me (and my builders bum .. oops) rigging it in less than 5 mins . You should  be able to see it at this link      


The main is free standing and sleeved around a windsurfer mast. It comes with a pair of oars in great condition, two x rudders and centreboards and a makeshift but serviceable beach trailer.


It is in average to good condition with some scratches and dings on the hull and part of the seat moulding needs re-gluing to the hull.


We have rigged it to maintain a clean cockpit with the main-sheet running down inside the boom emerging up by the goose-neck. It is simple and quick to rig (


It is very light. I am an average sized bloke and carried it around the house easily on my own.


We have had a heap of fun with it but the kids have moved onto bigger things and the keel boat tender is now an inflatable.


The boss says it has to go so I have decided to run a $1 reserve auction on TradeMe and let the market decide.


It really won't take much to tidy it up. Should have made the time to do myself!


There are a heap of photos and another video on TradeMe


It will be sold via the Trade Me auction at this link There will be no buy now so please don't ask:!


If you find it via this post and then end up winning the auction then let me know because I'll owe Matt some $$.  Maybe he will settle for us buying some more of those excellent B&G instruments off him :)

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