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Sliding hatch catch

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Greetings folks


I'm in the process of getting my boat up to cat 3 and I'm kind of stumped on how to make the coach roof sliding hatches lockable/unlock able from above and below with washboards in place .


Keen to hear everyone's different setups . I'm sure there are some ingenious ideas out there

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Lots of boats use a sprung bolt system that has a simple pull string on the inside, and can be locked outside.

I use a door lock. $20 at Bunnings. Key outside, rotating knob inside. Washboards are also attached with lanyards, and a barrel bolt each side on the inside, so they can be individually locked in place if required. Never been an issue, up to cat 1

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+1 for the spring loaded barrel bolt thingy. We have ours on the inside to keep it out of the weather, and the pull string to the outside. We have perplex type washboards, so made up another set of ply ones that we set up to use for our storm washboards

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